SSC CPO 2018 Last Minute Preparation Tips

SSC CPO 2018 Last Minute Preparation Tips

SSC CPO 2018 Last Minute Preparation Tips: The Staff Selection Commission will conduct the written exam for SSC SI/ ASI Recruitment from 12th March to 16th March 2019. To ensure that you are able to perform better than others, here are a few last minute preparation tips for SSC CPO SI ASI Examination. But first, let us revisit the exam pattern.


SSC CPO Exam Pattern

The Tier 1 Paper for SSC CPO 2018 Examination will be Online Computer-based Test (CBT). Unlike most recruitment exams, the written paper will consist of 200 questions, each carrying 1 mark. There will be 4 sections in total.

 Section Name  Questions  Marks
 General Intelligence & Reasoning  50  50
 General Awareness  50  50
 Quantitative Aptitude  50  50
 English Language  50  50
 Total  200  200

The total time to solve the paper will be 120 minutes. So, there will be an overwhelming number of questions to attempt in very limited time space. Here we will discuss which section to attempt first & How much time you should give in each section.

Follow these last minute preparation tips for each section to get yourself pumped-up for SSC CPO (Phase 1) Examination.

General Awareness (10 Minutes)

GA is the only section where most of the candidates fail as it is the section with least implementation of Hit and trail Method i.e. you can score only if you have read about the topic.

  1. SSC Examinations always focuses on Static Affairs so try to cover as many as possible. Static Affairs consist of a Number of Topics.
  2. Try to grasp Last 3 Months National Current Affairs, as 8-10 Questions are expected from this topic.
  3. History, Geography, Science, Polity, and Economy are the major five Subjects from which Questions are there. So just revise the topics that you are ended up with so that you can attempt it correctly.
  4. Don’t dedicate a lot of time to this section as dedicating much time will result in loss of time that can be dedicated to other sections and it might increase the number of guesses (Reading a Question will, again and again, will give you a feeling that you know the correct answer which is actually not, it is simply a GUESS).
  5. Just attempt Questions that you know correctly in one go and then in second go mark “Question for Review“.

Reasoning Ability (30 Minutes)

Reasoning Section will comprise of 50 Questions. Don’t try to overburden yourself starting new topics.

  1. Most of the candidates consider Reasoning as their strength.
  2. Revise and Practice topics mentioned in the Previous Exam Analysis again and again.
  3. Dedicate a pre-decided time to reasoning section so that you can clear the cut-off as well as score higher in the Overall Examination.

Quantitative Aptitude (60 Minutes)

This is the only sections where you can attempt with 100% accuracy and this one of the scoring section. This section will consist of 50 Questions including DI and other Arithmetic Topics.

  1. Learning Tables, Squares and Cubes of up to 20 will decrease your time while solving Questions.
  2. Direct Formulas and Short tricks for topics like SI&CI, Time & Work, Time & Distance etc. will be helpful in saving time.
  3. Dedicate a pre-decided time to Quantitative Aptitude section so that you can clear the cut-off as well as score higher in the Overall Examination.
  4. Practice and Revise topics that cover the section maintaining the Level of the Questions. Don’t go for tough Questions (Level III)
  5. Reading the Question will give you an Idea of the Solving time of the Question; if it is solvable within 1 min go for it else leave it. Don’t get stuck to a particular Question.

English Language (20 Minutes)

A number of candidates find this portion of the paper tricky. The Important Topics for English Section for almost all the Recruitment Examinations are the same. This section is basically a test of Vocabulary and Basics of English.

  1. Practice Questions form frequent topics like Reading Comprehension, Cloze Test, Spotting the Error, Fill in the Blanks etc.
  2. Don’t try to make many Guesses in this section as well as Guesses will lead you Uncertainty.
  3. Don’t try to solve the complete RC in one go, give it a second run and the ideal way will be clearing reading the RC ones, going through all the Questions, solving the Questions and then Reading it once again and solving the Questions that are still unanswered.


SSC CPO Overall Preparation Tips

Keeping it simple and precise, in this post on SSC CPO Last Minute Preparation Tips 2018, we are going to share few essential points which primarily aims at improving the overall score in SSC CPO 2018 Exam.

Analyze Preparation Level

By practicing papers, you can check your level of preparation for SSC CPO Exam. Besides, it helps you in command over the subject, speed in writing the exam and knowing strong and weak areas. This regular practice will lead to the periodic monitoring of the performance of students.

Boosts Confidence

Study of model papers will definitely help you in building confidence within you. If you take mock exams considering these papers, you can manage your time to write the full paper, which is quite important while securing good marks.

Builds Accuracy

Speed and accuracy are the most vital aspects, which come from the extensive practice of similar questions. Regular practice of solving sample question papers increases your speed and you take comparatively lesser time in solving the complete paper.


As of now, your revision plan shall include solving sample papers on a daily basis, as more and more practice will lead to the strengthening of question-solving skills. By doing this, your performance will be better after each test.

Get Rid of Exam Fear

This is the main purpose that the sample test papers serve. Students are often so scared of facing the entrance exam that they end up getting even the easier questions wrong. When you solve sample test papers regularly, your fear of exam goes away.

As always, every aspirant is going to have a preferred approach and it’s important to do what makes you feel most comfortable, particularly during this week that represents the culmination of months of effort but feeling confident is not a bad objective.

Don’t take the stress and too much burden. Also, Do not study for late hours as it will only lead to unwanted exhaustion. Just be confident about your preparation level and stick to your own plan of action for attempting SSC CPO Exam  – you will persevere!

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