SSC CPO Tier 2 Last Week Revision Tips 2017 | Things to do

SSC CPO Tier 2 Last Week Revision Tips 2017 | Things to do

SSC CPO Last Week Revision Tips 2017: With less than a week left for SSC CPO Tier 2 Exam 2017, SSC aspirants may be planning various strategies at the last minute to cope with one of the toughest entrance exams in India. As most of the SSC CPO aspirants would be busy with revision, what could also help are tips from on how to prepare best for the CPO exam in the last week before the exam.

Below are some thoughts on how to spend the last seven days before an exam that can help you to acquire your dream job.


SSC CPO Tier 2 Last Week Revision Tips 2017

SSC will be conducting SSC CPO Tier II exam on 15th December 2017 in a computer based mode (CBT). This article concerns with tips on SSC CPO Tier 2 Last Week Revision Tips 2017, so we begin by understanding the exam pattern for Tier 2.

Some of the essential points regarding Tier II English paper are

  • Total Number of Questions will be 200.
  • Total Marks allotted is 200.
  • Time allotted for solving will be 2 hours (120 minutes)
  • Each Question carries 1 mark.
  • Marking Scheme: 1 mark will be awarded for a correct answer and 0.25 mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer

According to us, the last week of preparation should be smartly divided between revisions and mock tests.

Continue appearing for Mock Tests

Keep practicing Mock Tests so you can track your performance regularly. Practice, Analysis, and Improvement combine together to get the desired score an SSC aspirant desires. Go through our SSC CPO Paper 2 Mock test for FREE, It will definitely help in improving your knowledge for your upcoming exam:

SSC CPO Paper 2 Mock Test Series 2017: Attempt Practice Set for Free

Solving Grammar based Questions

To solve questions based on Grammar in SSC CPO Tier-II Examination for the English Language, these are the simple directions that every aspirant must follow.

  • Read the sentence carefully try to figure out the error.
  • Read all the options and try to fit them in the question, one at a time.
  • Always repeat the sentence and analyze in your head if it sounds right after selection of an option.

This is more of a hack for solving questions faster in recruitment exams like SSC CPO.

Read Below the reasons of practicing sample papers to know why more and more practice is required if you want to ace SSC CPO exam with a good score.

Analyze Preparation Level

By practicing papers, you can check your level of preparation for SSC CPO Exam. Besides, it helps you in command over the subject, speed in writing the exam and knowing strong and weak areas. This regular practice will lead to the periodic monitoring of the performance of students.

Boosts Confidence

Study of model papers will definitely help you in building confidence within you. If you take mock exams considering these papers, you can manage your time to write the full paper, which is quite important while securing good marks.

Builds Accuracy

Speed and accuracy are the most vital aspects, which come from the extensive practice of similar questions. Regular practice of solving sample question papers increases your speed and you take comparatively lesser time in solving the complete paper.


As of now, your revision plan shall include solving sample papers on a daily basis, as more and more practice will lead to the strengthening of question-solving skills. By doing this, your performance will be better after each test.

Get Rid of Exam Fear

This is the main purpose that the sample test papers serve. Students are often so scared of facing the entrance exam that they end up getting even the easier questions wrong. When you solve sample test papers regularly, your fear of exam goes away.

As always, every aspirant is going to have a preferred approach and it’s important to do what makes you feel most comfortable, particularly during this week that represents the culmination of months of effort but feeling confident is not a bad objective.

Revision is the key to Success

You need to put a full stop on your preparation right here and go full throttle on revising everything you know. You can do this in simple steps.

Write Down all that you know

  • Write down all the topics you’ve prepared for.
  • Make sure you also mark them according to the level of comfort you have while solving each of the topics.

With this, you’ll know the actual syllabus you have to cover in the time you have.

Here we Conclude our article on SSC CPO Tier 2 Last Week Revision Tips. Stay connected for more information regarding SSC CPO 2017. To excel in SSC Exams, download the Best SSC Exam Preparation App for free.

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