SSC GD Constable Mock Test 2 Solution

SSC GD Constable Mock Test 2 Solution Live

SSC GD Constable Mock Test 2 Solution: Just like every year, there are a lot of aspirants appearing for SSC GD Constable examination this year. At this point, it is very essential to practice as many possible mock tests to be sure about your final result. But, even more, important is to get the maximum number of correct answers in your result and analysis.

In lieu of the same, OnlineTyari SSC exam expert Varsha Ma’am has come to your assistance. Read below to know more.

SSC GD Constable Mock Test 2 Solution

Like mentioned before, our SSC exam expert Varsha Ma’am is here to assist students preparing for upcoming SSC GD Constable examination. Therefore she will be providing solution for some of the most important questions which have been wrongly answered. These questions have been taken from SSC GD Constable Mock Test 2. Here are the list of questions:

Quantitative Aptitude

Q76. A sum of money lent out at simple interest amounts to720 after 2 years and to1020 after a further period of 5 years. The sum is _

Q80. Mr. Sharma’s family has 10 males and a few females, the average monthly consumption of rice per head is 8 kg. If the average monthly consumption of rice per head be 10 kg in the case of males and 6 kg in the case of females, find the number of females in Sharma’s family?

Q81. A sells an article to B on 30% profit. B sells back the article to A on 30% loss. In the whole transaction.

Q82. A book-seller bought 200 textbooks for 12,000. He wanted to sell them at a profit so that he got 20 books free. At what profit percent should he sell them?

Q83. The cost price of one dozen orange is equal to the selling price of two-third dozen of orange. What is the gain percent?

Q84. While selling a book, a shopkeeper gives a discount of 9%. If he had given a discount of 24% he would have got Rs. 150 less as profit. The marked price of the book is:

Q85. A merchant offers 8% discount on all his goods and still makes a profit of 15%. If an item is marked Rs. 250, then its cost price is—

Q90. Find the total number of factors of 1760.

Q92. A lady traveled a distance of 39 km in 6 hours. First, she covered some part of the total distance by walking at the rate of 5 km/hr and the remaining distance on scooty at the 11 km/hr. Find the distance traveled by scooty.

Q97. The perimeter of a rhombus is 100 cm. If one of its diagonals is 14 cm, then the area of the rhombus is:

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