SSC GD Constable: Previous Year Paper 2015 Mock Test


SSC GD Constable: Previous Year Paper 2015 Mock Test- We know you are preparing for upcoming SSC GD Constable exam. But in order to crack the exam, it is not only to practice but also be clear about all concepts. To help you assist with your preparation we are providing solutions for most frequently asked questions on our YouTube. To begin, we have initiated with SSC GD Constable Previous Year Paper.

SSC GD Constable: Previous Year Paper 2015 Mock Test

The following questions from Quantitative Aptitude will be covered in our live session tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. by our SSC Exam Expert, Varsha Ma’am

Q56. Raja can do a piece of work in 20 days while Ramesh can finish it in 25 days.  Ramesh started working and Raja joined him after 10 days. The whole work is complete is-

Q57. In a college election, a candidate secured 62% of the votes and is elected by a margin of 144 votes. The total number of votes polled is-

Q59. A student starting from his house walks at a speed 1/2 km/hour and reaches his school 6 minutes late. Next day starting at the same time he increases his speed by 1 km/hour and reaches 6 minutes early. The distance between the school and his house is-

Q60. A seller increased the cost price of an article by 30% and fixed the marked price as Rs 286. But during sale he gave 10% discount to the purchaser. Percentage of Profit will be-

Q65. A fruit merchant makes a profit of 25% by selling mangoes at a certain price. If he charges Rs. 1 more on each mango, he would gain 50%. At first the price of one mango was-

Q67. If the cost of an article is Rs. P after two successive reductions of 20% and 25%, the original price of the article was:

Q70. The average of 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, ………. 25 terms is

Q73. A shopkeeper, in order to clear his old stock of T.V. sets, offers 12% discount on the T.V. sets, If the marked price of a T.V. set is Rs. 6500, the selling prices of the T.V. set is-

Q74. A right circular cone of height 20 cm and base radius 15 cm is melted and casted into smaller cones of equal sizes of height 5 cm and base radius 1.5 cm. The number of casted cones are-

Q75. The smallest number by which 243000 be divided so that the quotient is perfect cube is:

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