How Mobile Technology can help in Government Job Exams Preparation

How Mobile Technology Can Help in Government Job Exams Preparation

How Mobile Technology Can Help in Government Job Exams Preparation: Why Mobile Technology for exam preparation is gaining popularity these days? One reason is convenience.

While some people may be able to set aside several hours each day for intensive study, others have to grab study time when they can. Mobile learning technology makes it possible.

Different Ways to Use Mobile Technology for Government Job Exams Preparation

In modern education, there is a focus on helping students take control of their learning and become responsible for their education. The trend towards empowering students, or helping them take ownership of learning and be excited by their education, has been facilitated by an increasing access to technology.Mobile-Learning-The-Ultimate-Tool-for-Exam-Preparation

This blog will show how mobile technology can help in Government job Exams preparation.

Learning through videos

Video channels like for instance, YouTube have made it simple for candidates appearing for exams to post and also watch instructional videos on various gadgets, including smart phones and tablets . Students can upload their own videos that can help other students to prepare for the exam. Online videos are one of the essential hotspots for students.

Learning Through Audios

Another option for examination preparation is to listen to audio programming on a mobile device. Audio options include eBooks, instructional podcasts, and lectures. One major advantage to audio learning is that it’s even easier to multitask than with video: Many people simply push “play” on their audio players and listen in while exercising, running errands, commuting, or doing household chores. Audio hosting is available through a number of sources. Some organisations record audio add a still image, and upload to Vimeo or YouTube. Others pay for hosting through a variety of services, including web hosting and stand-alone podcast streaming services.

Exam Preparation Apps

If you are appearing for Government job exams and wants to switch careers and move on. Here are some apps that can help you prepare for the exams efficiently without getting bored.

Aptitude Test and Preparation

This app can help you test your aptitude for any of the competitive exams you are preparing for. It has seven options that include Formulae, Solved Problems, Practice, Tests, Daily Test, Online Test and Tips and Tricks. You can change the theme colour to suit your preferences. While in the practice mode, you can select the category you want to focus on, such as age, area, numbers, profit and loss and so on. While taking the test, you have the following options available: 50:50 (takes away two of the multiple choices), a notepad for rough work, formula and concepts table and detailed explanation of the problem. You can also bookmark the question for future reference. At the end of the test, a pie chart is displayed with the details of your performance.

Maths Tricks

This app will help you to get rid of all your math problem. The app has five options — Single Game, Multiplayer, Joint Game, Training Mode and By Heart. The Single Game category has four options — to the bitter end, minute challenge, speed challenge and no time challenge. You can set the level of difficulty and start playing. In the Multiplayer Category, you can challenge your friends online. The Joint Game category features a split screen which allows two people to solve the problems simultaneously. The quicker you are, the more points you get. Training Mode allows you to select the type of problem you want to solve such as addition, subtraction, exponential and so on. The By Heart category helps you learn the tables.How Online Study Can Play a Big Role in your Exam Preparation

Note-taking Apps

If you can’t remember everything  join download the app. Digital notes have big advantages over their pen-and-paper counterparts. You won’t lose them, since they’re stored on your mobile device. Best of all, digital notes are searchable, so you can say goodbye to rifling through huge stacks of paper in search of that one important note. Some of the apps which you can download for free in your Android phones are Evernote, ColorNote, OneNote. This can help the student organize resources into one cohesive study guide.

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Technology gives the quietest student a voice. Just follow these simple steps, its going to be worth it.

Starve your Distraction and Feed your Focus!

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