Crack GATE 2016: Tips, Tricks and Exam Strategy


After providing a detailed exam paper analysis for CS, ME, EC, EE and Civil Engineering, we hope all of you are good and ready to crack GATE 2016 Examination. Yet there is always a little room for improvement left.

A lot of queries which we get correspond to a single question – “What is the best way to attempt GATE Examination ?”

For those who are confused over a definitive way or technique to attempt questions in GATE Exam, we are here to help. There are a few pointers which every GATE aspirant must keep in mind while attempting the paper.

We would like to share those little tips, tricks and exam strategies which GATE Aspirants must follow while attempting questions.


1. Make your own Plan of Action for cracking GATE 2016

Confused? Let us explain you all!

Our exam strategy for cracking GATE 2016 will be based on aggregate analysis of a number of candidates with variable strengths and weaknesses. When it comes a single individual, you need to select only those pointers which fit your performance level.

Hence, you need to analyze your current level before you sit for the examination.

So, instead of mugging and revising notes a day before GATE 2016, it is advisable to measure your plan of action for solving questions. You may consult with your seniors who’ve previously attempted GATE Exam but in the end, the essential plan of action should come from you, because you know yourself better.

As far as our involvement is concerned, here you go.


Recommended: Solve the GATE exam paper in the following steps in order:

Step 1: Try to solve one marks technical questions as much as possible
Step 2: Try to solve maximum no. of aptitude questions (including one marks and two marks questions)
Step 3: Now solve all the 2 marks technical questions
Step 4: After this recheck all of the questions you have solved
Step 5: Try to solve those questions, you could not solve earlier
Step 6: Recheck your complete exam paper.

Note: Use ‘Mark for Review‘ option wherever you have the slightest doubt in the answer.


2. Time Management

Most students may think that 3 hours time is more than enough for cracking GATE 2016 exam paper. It is TRUE – provided you manage your time in the best way possible.


There are some tips and tricks which will facilitate time management process in GATE 2016.

Firstly, you need to push yourself and your mind to solve this exam within 2 hours and 30 minutes. You need to believe in yourself.

Once you are good and ready, subdivide this 2 hours and 30 minutes and solve GATE Exam according to the 6 Recommended Steps mentioned in the above section. Try to complete each step within this time limit.

But remember, many a time it may happen that when we get stuck on a tricky question, we waste a lot of time on that question and later we find that we have no time left to complete the exam.

For this it is suggested that you subdivide this 2 hours and 30 minutes time in the following way:

  • Complete Step 1 with first 15 minutes and don’t give a question more than 1 minute. If some question is taking more than 1 minute, then leave it for Step 5.
  • Complete Step 2 within 10 minutes and don’t waste much time on this part. If some question is left, try it again in Step 5.
  • Complete Step 3 within 45 minutes and don’t give a question more than 2 minutes. If some question is taking more than 2 minutes, then leave it for Step 5
  • Complete Step 4 within 20 minutes. This is the step where you will find your silly mistakes. If you take this step seriously, you can reduce the number of errors.
  • Complete Step 5 within 25 minutes. This is the step where you will be improving your ranking in GATE 2016 Examination.
  • Complete Step 6 within 20 minutes. In this step, you will also have chance to find the mistakes which you could not find in Step 4.
  • The last 15 minutes can be used to review numerical questions to check if you may have made any calculation errors.

Now you might be thinking that where to use the 30 minutes left, since you have done everything within 2 hours 30 minutes. The answer is that it’s difficult to complete each step within strict time limit. So it’s better if you have some extra time, which you can utilize based on your need.

IMPORTANT: In order to get used to this exam strategy, we suggest you start running mock trials ASAP. Since only a few days are left for GATE 2016 Examination, there is no time to waste!

Now we will talk about an extremely essential exam tip. This is crucial towards cracking GATE 2016 Examination.


3. Be Prepared for Anything

Aspiring to crack GATE 2016? You better be prepared for anything then!


Don’t Study Anything the Day Before Exam
The entire premise of our blog on Last Minute Preparation Tips for GATE 2016 Examination was based on this.

You have already spent so much time studying, you need this one day break so that your mind can fit things in it properly. As discussed at the beginning of this article, your self analysis wouldn’t take much time. Once you are done with that, try to take rest as much as possible. It will relax your mind and you will be able to solve more difficult problems in actual GATE 2016 examination.

Reach the Exam Centre Before Time
Reach atleast one hour before exam time. You will find a very long queue at the examination centre. So, for peace of mind, it is necessary that you reach before time.

If you are thinking to use your own vehicle to reach the exam centre, then keep some backup plan to avoid situations like bike puncture. Better come with some family member.

Use the Given Answer Choices to Find the Correct Answer
In a few questions, you will find that it’s difficult to solve and get the answer in time. For example, in case of recurrence relations, it is difficult to find the equation from the recurrence relation given. But if you know the answer choices, you can verify which equation satisfies the recurrence relation. You can try this technique to solve some of the problems. You need to work smartly with the questions in GATE 2016 exam paper.

Pick Some Random Questions, if you are not able to solve the questions
Plans and Strategies can fail. Sometimes, it happens that you are not able to solve many questions continuously. If you are stuck in this kind of situation, you will start loosing your confidence and your speed will slow down.

In that case, pick some random question and try to start solving from that question. Sometimes it is good to start the question paper from the last section because you might find easy questions in last and difficult questions in starting. Once you are able to boost your confidence back to the way it was, proceed in the manner we talked about in this article.

We hope you are able to gain a few more insights on how to crack GATE 2016 Examination. If there are any further doubts or queries, please mention in the comments section below.

All the Best for GATE 2016!

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