7 Killer Tips to Crack IAS Interview in First Attempt!

7 Killer Tips to Crack IAS Interview in First Attempt!

Crack IAS Interview in First Attempt: UPSC IAS 2016 recruitment process is at its final phase. Union Public Service Commission is going to conduct IAS Interview in a few days. The interview marks are very important and the deciding factor to be in the merit list, you must not leave any stone unturned in the preparation for the interview. A high score in UPSC interview can sometimes create a difference of more than 100 marks with fellow candidates in just under 30 minutes.

In this article we will discuss a few tips & tricks on How to prepare for IAS Interview 2016. Below mentioned are the strategies on how to crack an IAS interview.


7 Killer Tips to Crack IAS Interview

Scoring well in the IAS interview requires a combination of knowledge, smartness, alertness, and other qualities that are detailed in this complete guide to the IAS interview.

There are thousands of books which are available for IAS Exam Preparation but most of them are not accurate or lack the necessary content required for cracking such a competitive examination. Below mentioned are some of our best recommended books.

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Giving the opportunity for candidates to practice mock test series before they take the real thing has a huge benefit on their scores. Below mentioned are some of our best recommended mock test series. Click on the link below to explore.

IAS Best Books for Exam Preparation

Go through our below recommended books and ace in exams:

M Laxmikant Indian Polity 5th Edition

M Laxmikant Indian Polity 5th Edition by MC Graw Hill Publications

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Indian Economy

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Candidates appearing for IAS exam 2017 can go through the Online mock test series above to enhance your exam preparation strategy.

Here are the golden rule to ace in upcoming UPSC IAS interview 2016.

First Impression

About the first impressions, a general saying is, “first impression is the last impression.” Looking at this phenomena, it is essential for you that you create good impression in the mind of the interviewers. First impression or subsequent impressions is a matter of perception of the interviewers about you. This perception is formed on the basis of totality of your personality that is reflected by you the moment you enter the interview room and your pattern of interaction with the interviewers within first few minutes.

Body language

Body language is part and parcel of oral communication. In fact, when we communicate orally to someone, our body language speaks much earlier than our words. For example, the interviewers may perceive your behavior on the basis of the manner you enter the interview room. Therefore, understanding of how you can reinforce your spoken words through your body language is very important Body language consists of gestures (movement of different arts of body), postures (body positions), and facial expressions by which a person manifests various physical, mental, and emotional states and communicates non-verbally (without using any word) with others.

Plethora of Tips or Do’s and Don’ts to act in a particular way during the Interview tell you ‘what’ without explaining ‘why and how.’ Tips are meaningless unless a candidate passes through a process of :

  • having a clear understanding and conviction of required Positive Personality traits. Like a Doctor’s Prescription.
  • regular practice for nourishing and nurturing them. Like Right and regular dozes of medicine.
  • positive external feedback and inner satisfaction about improvement.

Stay Calm

It is better that you remain polite throughout the interview process. Even if any unpleasant situation is created by an interviewer (this may be done deliberately to test your patience), do not loose your temper. If you loose your temper to protect your ego, you may be treated as a highly emotional person. Remember, these personality traits are not considered suitable for any job. If you are polite in the interview, it conveys that you have respect for other’s perspective; you are open-minded to accept new ideas and change yourself accordingly, as per the demands of a given situation.


Communication skills are in the form of one’s ability to express one’s views and listen to other’s views effectively. The first rule is to be a good listener. It is not found frequently in practice. Candidates are always found to be eager in talking or giving answers. But one should know that the answers become relevant only when you have responded correctly to what ever has been asked to you not what you know or think on something else. So first of all develop the habit of paying attention to what people have to say then only one should try to respond through introspections.

Common Sense

Common sense is very important for a person’s success. It means to be all time alert about your surroundings, knowing what is happening around you, how you can learn from it and how wisely you are able to apply it. The components of common sense answers are:

  • answer lies in the question itself.
  • sense of humour.
  • positive response to negative question.
  • creative thinking
  • unusual answer supported by logic.
  • Regular Practices improve habit of using common sense optimally.
  • A simple but impressive common sense answer is possible to most of the apparently confusing questions.

Appear for Mock Interview

Before appearing in Interview for Civil Services Examination, it is absolutely fine if you wish to evaluate your preparation and want to ascertain how people rate you. Appearing in ‘Mock interview’ is your decision and all about your preparation strategy. Some do it in group and some look at coaching institute for help. Understand the basic purpose of ‘Mock Interviews’ is to gain confidence, not how to act in front of Interview Board. No harm in reaching out to experts, seniors, successful candidates who can guide you to sail through the Personality Test.

Create a last Good Impression

For creating good last impression, you can follow the same approach which you might have used in creating good first impression with a slight difference. Generally, chairman of the interview panel closes the interview by saying to the candidate, “thank you” and wishing him good luck.

Here we conclude our article on 7 Killer Tips to Crack IAS Interview in First Attempt!. Stay tuned with us for more information on IAS Examination.

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