Top Paying Government Jobs in India 2017: Must Read

Top Paying Government Jobs in India 2017

Top paying government jobs in India 2017:Apply NowThere is no one in India who was not attracted to the government job. In india government jobs are given more preference because these jobs comes with lots of facilities and assure long term stability Whenever the opportunities arises every candidates want to make use of it. Many government organisations like UPSC, SSC, state wise PSC, railways, defence, army, police, PSU and colleges provide number of opportunities to the candidates. Just go through the list as we bring you the top 10 list of the highest paid government jobs in india.

Highest Paid Government Jobs in India 2017- Top 5 List

Candidates who wants to know about the Top Paying Government Jobs in india can go through the below mentioned list:

Indian Administrative Service (IAS)

There would be hardly anyone who would not have heard of IAS, even if you do not know the full-form of it, still you would know that IAS is something good and well not just good it is most sort after. IAS is the most esteemed and top paying job in our country. It grants you Facilities, privileges, health benefits and of course respect. It is not easy to become an IAS officer as it includes severe preparation and hard work. A complete department, district or an organisation will be in the safe hands of this office. It is an All India Service and the candidate can take plum positions in Central Government, State Government and even be eligible for certain posts in the Public Sector Undertakings.


Government will consider your hard work and treat you as most respected man in the society too. You can also get benefits after your retirement. Government will provide every facility to your family members. Life style, class, money, prestige in organisations like CDS, Navy, air force and army will be high.

Railway Engineers

Many students with Engineer degree opt for Railway jobs as Engineers. Railway offer great perks and luxury houses to the employees and other benefits by the government of india. This field is open for electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and ECE officers.

Bank PO

Dream job for all those candidates who choose banking as their career option. It is the most beneficiary jobs in the country. The work pressure is very less the salaries is in well proportion with incentives. The basic eligibility requirement is graduation which makes it the most prefered jobs among all the government jobs in the country.

Public Service Commission (state-wise)

Public sector jobs include jobs of Tehsildar, RTO Officer and many other jobs in government department. Government offer good pay scale, official house, medical insurance and other facilities.

So inspire yourself and get a government job in your hands today. The selection process is tough but once you get selected it’s a reward for being successful and it’s going to stay with you for decades.

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