Quick Tips & Tricks to Solve Simplification Questions for SBI PO 2017

Quick Tips & Tricks to Solve Simplification Questions for SBI PO 2017

Quick Tips & Tricks to Solve Simplification Questions for SBI PO 2017: SBI conducts the national level recruitment exam for the appointment of Probationary Officers. Most of you might have applied for the said exam which has been scheduled from April 29, 2017.

Today we have given the Important Shortcuts and Mind Tricks to Solve Simplification Questions in Aptitude Section.


How to Solve Simplifications Questions for SBI PO: Quick Tips & Tricks

In banking there is 10 – 15 question are on simplification. In which there are mixture of decimal, fraction, percentage, ratio etc. Below mentioned are Basic concepts to solve simplification question which are worth reading. Practicing these will surely help you score good marks.

BODMAS: The Thumb rule

B = Bracket

O= Order or Powers

D = Division

M = Multiplication

A = Addition

S = Subtraction

By using the BODMAS rule simplication problem is solved. According to the BODMAS rule, first we should solve the numbers that have given in brackets. Secondly the orders of powers are solved. The next in solving order is division, multiplication, addition, subtraction.

Squaring Tricks

It us recommended to Learn square roots upto 30. Remembering Square roots and cube roots is a great help in solving questions. If you remember the square root of the numbers, you can quickly solve the question without taking much time.

Number Equation

While solving expression that features decimal numbers, to make the calculation easy and quick, approximation should be done. This involves converting the decimal to its nearest value and simplifying the equation with the new set of values obtained by the conversion.

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Below mentioned are the tips & tricks to keep in mind while practicing simplification questions.

Tips to keep in mind while solving simplification questions

  • Set a timer whenever solving Simplification(even when practicing.) Take small timed tests, 15 questions in 30 mins,etc.
  • Don’t go beyond your capability. It might take days to increase your level, but slow and steady wins the race. Start with the basics, start with the older, easier sums and practice them.
  • A good knowledge of the basic simplification and algebraic concepts from the high school level will be crucial in solving these questions faster.
  • A strong base in calculations are important. Rather than focusing on exact calculations, options should be kept in mind and thus certain leverage could be taken and questions should be solved accordingly.
  • Revising the concepts of all the chapters of mathematics from NCERT books of 6th – 10th standard could really prove to be very beneficial. This is can be really beneficial for those who have a weak base in mathematics.
  • If you have practiced a particular shortcut or trick on lot many questions during your preparation then go ahead. But, if you have just read some shortcut or any trick during last leg of your preparation, avoid using it in the exam as you do not know the conditions in which this particular shortcut can be applied.
  • Regularly practicing timed-tests really helps in revising concepts and perform better under time pressure.

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Here we conclude our article on Quick Tips & Tricks to Solve Simplification Questions for SBI PO 2017. Till then, Stay connected for more information regarding SBI PO Recruitment 2016.

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