TyariPLUS Contest: Your Chance To Win A Laptop

TyariKaro Mega Contest

Are you a TyariPLUS user?? If not, join now!! OnlineTyari brings an exclusive opportunity for all its TyariPLUS members. Here is your ticket to win a Dell Laptop by participating in TyariPLUS contest. Well, what is it exactly that your have to do? Find out the simple instructions to bring home a Dell Inspiron Laptop by reading conditions below.

Before proceeding further, click here if you want to know more about benefits of TyariPLUS for Govt. exam preparation.

TyariKaro Mega Contest

Contest Period

  • Anybody who is a TyariPLUS member can apply for the contest from June 20th to 20th July.
  • New TyariPLUS subscriber who join between June 20th to 20th July are also eligible for becoming a winner of the contest.

Contest Flow: The Must Do’s For The Contest

  • Practice with More Tests (More attempts, higher your chances of winning the contest)
  • Take highest no. of Exam Based Mock tests (You can attempt tests of any exam)
  • At least 10 mock tests should be taken in between this duration
  • At least 50 % of question should be “attempted” in each test

How Can You Become A Winner?

  • Help your friends to practice for their exam with OnlineTyari (Increase your chances by referring TyariPLUS Subscription Plan)
  • Refer TyariPLUS to at least 10 friends. You get more points when your friends join TyariPLUS!
  • Share your test scores on Social Media with #OnlineTyari

What are the Rewards & Recognition You Will Receive From This Contest?

As promised to you, the winner will receive a single Dell Inspiron Laptop worth INR 27990. 

*Just a humble reminder, the contest will last only for a period of 1 month, i.e. between 20 June to 20 July.

Terms & Conditions

By participating in the Dell Inspiron Laptop Reward Program, the user (also called “Participant”) agrees to be legally bound by and abide by the below stated terms & conditions (T&C). Member confirms and acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and agreed to conform to these Terms and Conditions. OnlineTyari reserves the right to amend, modify, change, add or terminate these terms and conditions or discontinue the Contest without further notice. 

  1. The OT Reward Program is valid from 20th June to 20th July till further notice, (hereinafter referred to as “Reward Period”). While OnlineTyari has taken adequate precautions to ensure that it complies with the laws of India that govern such reward programs, however, out of abundant caution, it is declared that this Reward Program shall NOT be applicable for Participants of those states where any such activity is expressly prohibited by Law, as applicable.
  2. The Contest Winner will be notified through OnlineTyari app & other source of communications.
  3. OnlineTyari may require the Winner to provide other information or documentation as per Clause 8 hereunder which may however be provided within 48 hours of the request notification. The Winner declared by OnlineTyari understands that he/she will receive the reward subject to verification & confirmation by OnlineTyari. 
  4. OnlineTyari shall also make two (2) attempts within 48 working hours after completion of announcement period to contact the selected Winner on their registered Mobile Number (with OnlineTyari) to inform about the Reward and further process of claiming the Reward. 
  5. The Reward will be forfeited and the Selected Winner agrees to the forfeiture of the Reward if:
  1. The Selected Winner is uncontactable within 48 hours.
  2. The Selected Winner fails to submit all necessary documents mentioned in Clause 9 within 2 working days of being contacted by OnlineTyari.
  3. Incase of weekends or public holidays, the Selected Participants will be contacted on the next working day.
  4. All decisions by OnlineTyari regarding the selection of the Winner for the Reward shall be final and binding.
  1. Eligibility for participating in the Contest: To be eligible to claim the Reward, the participant must satisfy both of the following conditions:
    1. Have a valid OnlineTyari verified account (As on 20st July, 2018)
    2. Member of Tyari Plus User Subscription Plan by OnlineTyari
  1. Documentation: Reward must be claimed by the Selected Winner, along with the documents (if applicable) specified herein below within the timelines prescribed by OnlineTyari. The documents required to be submitted along with the claim by the Winner(s) include the following:
  1. Date of birth as per your Matriculation Certificate (Mandatory)
  2. One passport size digital photo (Mandatory)
  3. Such other document/s as may be required by OnlineTyari basis requirements of applicable law

The above document list is only inclusive and not exhaustive and can change as per the requirements of OnlineTyari and applicable law. If the Selected Winner fails to comply with the herein set requirements his/her right to get the reward shall be forfeited.

  1. Upon successful compliance of Clause 9 above, OnlineTyari will process the Reward for the Selected Winner in a suitable manner.

By participating in this Reward Program, Participants have given OnlineTyari the right to use their name and photograph including announcing your name as a successful OnlineTyari user for the exam cleared by you on social media, OnlineTyari platform, or in public domain. The Participants also consent to the information being shared by OnlineTyari with its affiliates and service providers and to the information being processed and stored in the servers of OnlineTyari or its service providers, inside or outside India.

  1. Subject to any applicable law (a) All warranties of any kind whatsoever, whether express or implied, are hereby expressly DISCLAIMED including, but not limited to, meeting of the participant’s requirements or aspirations, timeliness, security, the results or reliability of the Game, delay in sending or receiving the SMS for participating in the Reward Program, delay in time taken or recorded for answering a question under the skill based test, or the delivery, quality, quantity, merchantability,  fitness  for  use  or  non-infringement in respect of any goods, services, benefits or awards acquired or obtained through the Reward Program or any transactions effected through the Game; (b) The Participant expressly agree that his/her participation in the Game is at his/her sole risk and is governed by the T&C herein; and (c) No advice or information whether by representations, oral, written or pictorial derived from the platforms including but not limited to websites/SMS, shall be construed to mean the giving of any warranty of any kind.

  1. Any Participant providing any incorrect information or concealing/withholding any information from OnlineTyari with intent to participate and/or be selected for the Reward Program will automatically be disqualified from participating in it and being selected for the reward. Such act of providing incorrect information or concealing/withholding any information, including without limitation incorrect declaration of information relating to name, age, identity, address, mobile connection of Operator number, domicile etc, by the participant or dispute with the platform, shall entitle OnlineTyari to disqualify him/her without any further intimation.
  2. OnlineTyari reserves the right to disqualify mock test attempts by any Participant which are not genuine or we believe that the Participant may have cheated based on OnlineTyari’s internal checks. In such cases, OnlineTyari reserves the right to disqualify the Participant without any further intimation.
  3. OnlineTyari reserves the right to extend, cancel, discontinue, prematurely withdraw, change, alter or modify this Reward Program or any part thereof including the eligibility criteria, the T&C and Reward at their sole discretion at any time during its validity as may be required including in view of business exigencies and/or changes by a regulatory authority and/or statutory changes and/or any reasons beyond their control and the same shall be binding on the participants.
  4. These Terms and Conditions are subject to Indian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Delhi.
  5. The participants hereby irrevocably authorize OnlineTyari and its owners, affiliates, subsidiaries, associates to use the data gathered during and/or after the Contest in respect of the Participant (including but not limited to name and photograph) in any of its communications including marketing promotions and advertisements. By participating in the Contest, participants confirms to waive the applicability of rules and regulations of the National Do Not Call Registry and agrees to receive updates and promotional messages / SMS / Email / Call for current and future Contests from OnlineTyari.


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