UGC NET Success Story 2017: Karuna Kumari

UGC NET Success Story 2017: Karuna Kumari

UGC NET Success Story 2017: The exam result of UGC NET January 2017 was announced in the month of May this year. A lot of candidates applied for UGC NET Recruitment Examination 2017. The level of competition has increased significantly over the past few years, which is why, only the best of the best make it through the recruitment process.

We at OnlineTyari are proud to help students/ candidates/ aspirants in preparing for various recruitment examinations like UGC NET, CTET, SBI, IBPS, IAS with the help of online mock tests, questions banks as well as eBooks. Hence, without further ado, we share the Success Story of Karuna Kumari.


UGC NET Success Story of Karuna Kumari

After results for UGC NET February 2017 were announced, we reached out to OnlineTyari users who’ve subscribed NET Examination. We were extremely happy to see the success rate among our candidates, of which, one was Karuna Kumari.

We had an in-depth conversation regarding her experience of using OnlineTyari Platform and how it helped her crack UGC NET January 2017. Here is what she had to say.



  • Name: Karuna Kumari

  • Roll No: 15005773

  • Exam Cleared: UGC NET January 2017

  • Marks Secured: 184 out of 350 

OnlineTyari: First of all, congratulations on cracking UGC NET Examination.

Karuna Kumari: Thank You 🙂

OnlineTyari: Can you shed some light on your educational background?

Karuna Kumari: I completed my primary education from Rewari, Haryana. Talking about higher education, I earned a bachelors degree in commerce (B.Com) from Maharishi Dayanand University, Rewari and I also have an M. Com Degree from the same university.

OnlineTyari: Why did you opt for a career in teaching? Any special reason behind this?

Karuna Kumari: A career in teaching is quite high in demand. Plus, If I would’ve opted for any other career, I wouldn’t be able to dedicate much time to my family. Another reason would be the availability of some extra time in which I can continue studying further. And the last, who wouldn’t be attracted to fixed working hours and good salary?

OnlineTyari: How long did it took you to prepare for UGC NET Examination?

Karuna Kumari: This was my second attempt. So, all in all, you can say that it took me 1.5 to 2 years of preparation to crack UGC NET Examination.

OnlineTyari: It is quite obvious to face a tough time or a rough patch while preparing for any competitive exam. Who would you say inspired you to keep going forward?

Karuna Kumari: Yes, it is quite natural to face some obstacles or difficulties while preparing for any examination. It was the same with me. When I failed to crack UGC NET for the first time, some people started mocking me, even taunting me at times. But, thanks to the support of my close friends and family, I was able to maintain a positive attitude throughout the preparation cycle.

OnlineTyari: Thanks for sharing all about your education and success. Now, let us talk about how the OnlineTyari platform proved to be helpful for you?

Karuna Kumari: I got most of the essential study material for exam preparation on the OnlineTyari App. Current Affairs, last year’s question papers and other exam related syllabus helped me understand the exam better and prepare accordingly, so I would like to credit my success to OnlineTyari platform.

OnlineTyari: How did you get to know about OnlineTyari?

Karuna Kumari: A number of my friends recommended me this app and I downloaded it from the Google Play Store. The information related to UGC NET was clearly specified and I went straight into preparation mode.

OnlineTyari: In the end, what would you like to advise those candidates who are preparing different types of competitive exams?

Karuna Kumari: I would say that if you really want to achieve success in any examination, you have to move away from every negative notion around you and stay positive throughout. Always be prepared to face the challenges. Do not think about the seats or vacancies available while preparing for any competitive exam. Put your best foot forward, work hard and have faith. In the end, you will persevere.

Many like Karuna Kumari have cracked UGC NET Examination and we are privileged to be their Online Mentor. If you wish to share your success story with us, please send your Name, Roll Number and picture of your scorecard to and we will contact you shortly.

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