Micro Teaching & its Concepts: All you need to Know

Micro Teaching & its Concepts: All you need to Know

Understanding Micro Teaching & its Concepts: Teachers use a variety of different approaches when instructing their students. Sometimes teachers lecture their students at other times they encourage their students to work together to accomplish a goal.

In today’s article, we will discuss Micro Teaching Objectives and its Principles. Scroll down to know more about the said topic.


Micro Teaching: All you need to know

Micro-teaching is defined as a system of controlled practice that makes it possible to concentrate on specified teaching behavior and to practices teaching under controlled conditions.


Micro-teaching is relatively a new innovation in the field of teacher education. It provides an opportunity to select one skill at a time and practice it through scaled down encounter and then take others in a similar way. Micro-teaching is a scaled down teaching:

  1. To reduce the class size to 5-10 pupils.
  2. To reduce the duration of the period to 36 minutes.
  3. To reduce the size of the lesson.
  4. To reduce the teaching skill.

Elaborating further, Micro-teaching is one of the most recent innovations in teacher education or training programme which aims at modifying teacher’s behavior according to the specific objectives.


  •  To enable teacher trainees to learn and assimilate new teaching skills under controlled conditions.
  • To enable teacher trainees to master a number of teaching skills.
  • To enable teacher trainees to gain confidence in teaching.
  • Development of new skills in learners.

Micro-teaching greatly expands the normal knowledge of results or feedback dimensions in teaching. Immediately after teaching a brief micro-lesson, the trainee engages in a critique of his performance.


Various considerations are made for creating proper conditions and providing appropriate facilities for the practice of a teaching skill.


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In the Indian model of Micro-Teaching developed by NCERT the duration of Micro Teaching is as under:

  • Teach: 6 Minutes
  • Feedback: 6 Minutes
  • Re-plan: 12 Minutes
  • Re-teach: 6 Minutes
  • Re-feedback: 6 Minutes
  • Total: 36 Minutes

Cycle of Micro Teaching

The six steps generally involved in micro-teaching cycle are Plan, Teach, Feedback, Re-plan, Re-teach, Re-feedback. There can be variations as per requirement of the objective of the practice session. These steps are represented in the following figure:1

Here the student-teacher integrates the different skills. In place of an artificial situation, he teaches in the real classroom and tries to integrate all the skills. The cycle continues up to the extend when a trainee will able to master a specific skill.

Merits of Micro-Teaching

Micro-Teaching is an innovation which has a sound basis of principles of learning and application of technology. The advantages of Micro-Teaching are as follows:

  • Micro Teaching is a training tool for improving teaching practice and to prepare effective teachers.
  • It simplifies teaching so as to make it suitable for the beginners.
  • Develops the feeling of confidence among the teachers.
  • Micro Teaching can be done either i a real classroom or simulated conditions.
  • It focuses on training for the accomplishment of special tasks such as mastery of instructional skills, curricular materials, and techniques of teaching.
  • It allows increased control and regulates teaching practice.
  • It enables the trainee to make progress in developing teaching skills at his/ her own rating depending upon ability.
  • Micro Teaching is an effective feedback tool for the behavior modification of teacher.
  • It is a highly individualized type of teacher training.
  • It is essential for developing teaching efficiency in pre and in-service teacher training programme.
  • It is useful in systematic and objective observation by providing particular observation duration.
  • It is useful in acquiring various types of skills which ultimately form the basis of a successful teacher.
  • It reduces the complexities of normal classroom teaching such as class size, class time and problem of discipline.

Micro Teaching is a new idea in the field of teacher education. People who have traditional outlook don’t want to change their ideologies. They face problems in accepting the innovation of Micro Teaching. This type of situation always arises whenever new things will come up. The old nations need be converted into the modern ones because the modern ones are undoubtedly unique.

Here we end up article on Micro Teaching & its concepts. Hope you learned something new.  Stay connected for more information regarding Teaching Recruitment. To excel in Teaching Exams, download the Best Teaching Exam Preparation App for free.

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