UPSC CDS Preparation Tips and Exam Strategy


UPSC CDS Preparation Tips 2016: The Union Public Service Commission will conduct the CDS 2016 Written Exam on 14 February 2016. We expect all CDS aspirants are familiar with this years exam syllabus and pattern. There is a huge possibility that a lot of aspirants must be confused over their own exam strategy for CDS 2016 written exam. Worry no more as we present you with CDS Preparation Tips 2016 for cracking Combined Defence Services Examination.


UPSC CDS Preparation Tips 2016

Exam times can unsettle even the best prepared candidates. Fear is a natural emotion and it is perfectly normal. If you are afraid, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you. You are simply worried about the outcome of the examination. The most common question you will ask yourself is – will my preparation and hours of studying bear the fruit of success?

Just remember this, my dear CDS Aspirants, fear is good, if and only if, it is put to a constructive use. Fear can be something that pushes you, to meet your best and to beat your best. Hence, Fear can be your motivation, provided you understand yourself better than others.

On that note, here are some amazing CDS Preparation Tips and Exam Strategy that would definitely benefit you.

1. First of all, know the syllabus well. Obvious isn’t it? How are you even supposed to prepare, if you don’t know your syllabus in the first place. So, find out what exactly you are supposed to study, the ‘how to study for CDS Exam” comes next.

2. Be focused, Be Organized. Prepare a revision time-table. Even though CDS Exam is just a few days away, the only way you can make most of it is by staying organized. So, make a timetable and follow it earnestly.

3. Contrary to what I said above, there are some rookie level mistakes “Organized People” make. For example, if by any chance you overshoot your schedule or overslept for any reason, avoid thinking like quitters “this day is wasted anyway, I’ll study tomorrow”. We have never seen that ‘tomorrow’ coming. Being flexible is equally important as being organized. Understand whom you are competing with. UPSC CDS Exam is a Big Deal!

4. Have a peer group. Discuss what you learned with your friends and co-aspirants. There is a good chance that you will learn a thing or two from them, might even teach them something you learnt. Being an introvert is really not an option here.

Note: Do not discuss things 5 minutes before the exam; it won’t do you any good. Infact it would make you nervous.

5. Attempt Previous Year CDS Question Papers. Now if you are truly revising at the last minute for CDS Written Exam, this is one thing we strongly recommend. You have to be familiar with the exam pattern and structure of CDS Written Examination. There’s nothing better than previous year papers that can help you with your exam preparation.

6. Last but not the least; avoid silly mistakes on the “D-Day”. Get up on time, reach your examination centre for CDS on time. Make sure you are carrying the required documents (admit card, photographs etc) and your own stationery items. Make sure you do not carry anything within the CDS examination centre premises if that is NOT allowed. Don’t try to outsmart the examiner, do not try to use unfair means.

This our brief account on CDS Preparation Tips. A lot of aspirants also wanted to get familiar with CDS Previous Year Cutoff Marks. For those interested aspirants, we have listed the data in the section below.


UPSC CDS Previous Year Cutoff Marks

The Union Public Service Commission has not yet published cutoff marks for CDS 2015 Examination. But, you can check out cutoff marks for 2014 CDS Exam.

To get a better understanding of CDS Written Examination, you can go through our detailed exam analysis of UPSC CDS 2015 Examination from the link below.

Our exam analysis include section-wise questions breakdown and insights about the important topics in CDS Exam.


UPSC CDS Previous Year Cutoff Marks 2014

Analyse your performance and calculate the possibility of getting recruited by the Indian Defence Services.

 Defence Dept. Cutoff Marks (Written Paper)  Final CDS Cutoff Marks
 INA  99  222
 IMA  99  222
 OTA (Men)  78  159
 OTA (Women)  78  160
 AFA  129  250

We hope these CDS Preparation Tips 2016 will benefit you. All the Best for the upcoming UPSC CDS 2016 Exam on 14 February. For all non-aspirants, have a lovely Valentines Day.

Please mention your doubts and queries, if any, in the comments section below.

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