Life Lessons from UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation

Life Lessons from UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation

One needs to possess an immense level of determination and discipline in order to crack UPSC Civil Services Examination. Apart from being one of the most competitive jobs, the Exam Syllabus of IAS Prelims and Mains is vast and covers a number of parameters namely; Economics, Geographical, Social and Environmental. Most UPSC Aspirants devote 10-15 hours daily towards the preparation of this recruitment exam while the entire preparation and revision of the Course Syllabus may take upto One Year of Rigorous Studies.

This long term as well as exhaustive preparation period is well spent only when you take more out of it than just a good exam result. With the kind of hours one puts in and the strength to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Exam each day, an IAS Aspirant can learn a bunch of life lessons.


Major Life Lessons which you Learn from UPSC CSE Preparation

Consider this as one of our light-weight articles on how UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation helps in moulding one’s personality for good and also teach a few life lessons. Mentioned below are some that will help you have a better purpose in life:



“ Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.”
– William Shakespeare

It is said that knowledge is the kind of wealth that never goes waste. The Expansive Syllabus for UPSC Civil Services Examination is designed in such a way that it covers a vast number of topics about the nation and the world in general context.

If one is preparing for UPSC Civil Services Examination with complete dedication, he/she is bound to gain an extensive amount of knowledge about a number of events. Since UPSC is more about logic rather than just mugging things up. a person can really get to know something good.

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While preparing for UPSC Civil Services Examination, you get a chance to tap into a number of knowledge resources and know about things you possibly wouldn’t otherwise and this knowledge will be a timeless asset in itself.


Hard Work

Ask any UPSC Topper. Among many things, a common factor contributing to their success would be a story of constant struggle to improve, progress and persevere. The rocky road towards UPSC Civil Services Examination requires a candidate to embark on an earnest approach towards their goal with a Well Organised Study Plan and Consistent Hours of Study.

Besides the academics, a candidate is also expected to be updated about his Surroundings, Nation and the World and is assessed on these parameters in  Personal Interview Round. Maintaining a proper balance between studies and upkeep is a tough task but often well-paid at the end in the form of success in UPSC Examination.

Thus, preparation for UPSC Civil Services Examination allows you to learn the importance of hard work and planning.



Pursuing a perilous path and sticking to it even in the face of difficulty till you achieve success is called perseverance. Road to success in CSE will be a tough, tiresome and an impossible journey riddled with lots of obstacles. It requires long term hard work and commitment.

An aspirant is prone to feel demotivated and drained out at many instances while studying for this examination. However, only those candidates who continue to study diligently in all circumstances alike with the sole aim of cracking IAS Exam will be able to make it through.



Some of you must be confused about this. But isn’t it so? Think about it again!

Extensive Reading about our country, resources, people, history, features and its international standing among other insights helps one discover an underlying love for one’s country. These patriotic sentiments help us at being better citizens to the nation in general, while striving at being a contributor to its growth and development all the while.

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These are among some of the life lessons which one can learn while preparing for UPSC Civil Services Examination. For UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam Preparation, you can read the following articles on how to prepare for Indian History, Polity, Economy, Ecology, Geography and Science and Technology.

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Let us know if you have any doubts or queries in the comments section below. All the Best for the upcoming UPSC Civil Services Examination.

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