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IAS Upper Age Limit Revision: The Civil Services Recruitment Examination is undoubtedly one of the most sought after recruitment examination of the country. Every year, over a million applications are submitted to Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) yet only a minute number of exceptional candidates make it through the impossible selection procedure.

The Age Limit for UPSC Civil Services Recruitment is quite relaxed but there have been a few developments regarding IAS Upper Age Limit Revision which we would like to discuss with all the future aspirants.


IAS Upper Age Limit Revision: What We Know

In an attempt to further strengthen the overall system of Civil Services Examination, a panel was created by the Central Government which is headed by Mr. BS Baswan, Former Education Secretary.

Owing to the high level of prestige that comes along with a position in the Indian Administrative Service, the Government of India is planning to revise the Upper Age Limit for appearing in IAS Recruitment Examination. The most obvious question would be …

Why is the Upper Age Limit getting Revised? 

A number of leading newspapers have written extensively about this. The most sensible quote was put up by The Economic Times stating the obvious.

“According to ET Now, sources have said that the 32-year-olds are too old to be recruited in IAS, IFS and IPS.”

It is also further elaborated that a person who is as old as 32 years might face problems adopting to the core values of a civil servant.

Hence, the Central Government Panel is planning to reduce the age limit by 6 years over the period of next 5-7 years. However, when it comes to candidates belonging to SC/ ST category, there will be no reduction in the IAS Upper Age Limit.

This is not something that is entirely new to the UPSC Civil Services Recruitment Process. Over the years, the IAS Upper Age Limit has been regularly revised.


IAS Upper Age Limit: Trend over the Years

Let us glance through the following table and see what has been general trend of setting an upper age limit for UPSC Civil Services Examination, from as early as the 1960s towards the present day.

Year IAS Upper Age Limit
1960 24
1973 26
1980 28
1988 26
1991 31
1992 28
1993 33
1994 28
2000 30
2005 30
2014 32

The following information has been taken from the Official ARC 10th Report and we can clearly see that since 1960, we have moved from an Upper Age Limit of 24 Years, to 32 Years in the current time.

There is no confirmation as to when the New Eligibility Criteria with the Revised IAS Upper Age Limit will be implemented. Rest assured, we will keep you all informed as soon as more information from reliable sources is provided. Keep learning and prepare earnestly for UPSC Civil Services Examination.

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  1. The above said decision of Baswan Panel to reduce the age, is very very disappointing. The reason cited by the panel, i.e.’32yr olds are too old to be recruited in IAS, IFS ‘ is very baseless! If 32 yr is ‘old age’ then make the retirement age 32 yrs. only….! why to wait upto 60/65 yrs to get retired!???
    The above said decision also violates the Fundamental right gicen by our constitution i.e.- ‘ Equality of opportunity in public employment’. (in case of general and obc categories)
    really very disappointing decision.

  2. it is very astounding filth decision that age limit should be reduce. if any student is doing mbbs and who quilfied aipmt in two or three chance and mbbs is also of four year. he has only one chance. it is very bad idea. maximum age should be around 30year.

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