UPTET Exam Analysis 2016


UPTET Exam Analysis 2016: Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board conducted UPTET Written Examination on 2 February 2016. More than 10 lakh candidates appeared for UPTET 2016. The candidates who crack UPTET 2016 will be eligible for teaching jobs in Uttar Pradesh, which by our estimate, have a total vacancy of 98000. Compare and Compute your scores with UPTET Answer Keys 2016 provided on UP Basic Education Board Website (upbasiceduboard.gov.in).

UPTET 2016 Exam Pattern and Structure was similar to that of Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET) but the difficulty level was considerably lower. Overall, CTET 2016 was a moderate paper, with a mixed bag of questions which were easy and moderate. Was UPTET 2016 particularly tough for you? Just compare your solutions with the answer key and know about your protected score.


UPTET Answer Key 2016 (Paper 1)


Click here to check answer key for UPTET Primary Teacher 2016 


UPTET Answer Key 2016 (Paper 2)


Click here to check answer key for UPTET Upper Primary Teacher 2016 

We hope you all are able to calculate your scores with this official answer key. In this article, we have also provided a detailed exam analysis of UPTET 2016 Paper II.


UPTET Exam Analysis 2016 (Section-Wise)

The exam pattern and structure of UPTET 2016 Written Exam for Upper Primary Teacher are as follows.

Subject No. of Questions No. of Marks
Pedagogy 30 questions 30 marks
Hindi 30 questions 30 marks
English / Urdu 30 questions 30 marks
Mathematics & Science / Social Studies 60 questions 60 marks

We will now proceed section-wise and provide your our analysis on each section of UPTET 2016.


UPTET Exam Analysis 2016: Child Development and Pedagogy

Child Development and Pedagogy questions were easy as compared to other TET Examinations. There were no diversions in questions. Straight away definitions of various theories were enough to answer the questions. There were a few questions on Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic theory of personality but then again, the definition of it was enough to solve it.

For Example

Question: According to _____. Id, Ego and Super ego are the three components of personality:

  1. Bandura
  2. Jung
  3. Adler
  4. Freud

Clearly, the answer is Freud.

Other than that, there were questions on Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, Two-factors theory, projective test of personality, I.Q of Children having average intelligence etc.

Overall, according to our UPTET Exam Analysis 2016 for Child Pedagogy, the paper was just as expected and strictly as per the given syllabus. On an average people could have easily attempted 20-23 Questions without any trouble.


UPTET Exam Analysis 2016: Language 1 (English/ Hindi)

The Language section this year was totally unexpected. It was more difficult than all of the TET Papers combined. Let’s just say that if CTET asks CBSE Board English, then UPTET was all about ICSE Board English.

Expected cut-off for this section will certainly be lower than previous years. Yet, on a second look, through proper inspection, around 10-15 questions could have been attempted with a little trouble.


UPTET Exam Analysis 2016: Language 2 (English/ Hindi)

Language 2 was similar to Language 1 but in terms of difficulty, it was easier as compared to Language 1 Section. Overall difficulty level for this section would be medium.

Following topics would have helped solve this section of examination.

  1. Learning and acquisition
  2. Principles of language Teaching
  3. Role of listening and speaking; function of language and how children use it as a tool
  4. Critical perspective on the role of grammar in learning a language for communicating ideas verbally and in written form;
  5. Challenges of teaching language in a diverse classroom; language difficulties, errors and disorders


UPTET Exam Analysis 2016: Science and Mathematics

This section was a little difficult for a person with Non-Science background specifically for those who never went through higher secondary mathematics. However, for those with Science background, it was relatively easy. Our Analysis for this UPTET Section is as follows.

Numbers of Questions asked from various sections are

  • Physics – 11 Questions
  • Chemistry – 7 Questions
  • Biology – 11 Questions
  • Mathematics – 18 Questions

Pedagogical Aspects of Science and Maths – 13 Questions

The number of questions in Mathematics was higher but it was easier than Physics and Biology. Questions on Chemistry were basic.


UPTET Exam Analysis 2016: Social Studies

There were a variety of questions on History, Geography, and Social Politics. Surprisingly, there were few questions on Current affairs as well. Overall it was an easy paper, although there was an advantage for those who opted social sciences as compared those who opted Science and Mathematics.

Why easy? Look at the questions below and you will know the level of difficulty.

  • How many circles are there in Olympic Flag?
  • How many players are there in Kabbadi?
  • In which category Raga Peeloo exist?
  • Whom’s subtitle is wrong?
  • Which of the following has more calorie in food?

Certainly, any social science student with a little common sense could do it.

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