Evening News Digest, 20 February

20th Feb 2017

Former chief justice of india altamas kabir passes away former chief justice of india (cji) altamas kabir passed away. he was 68. the 39th chief justice of india, kabir held office from september 29, 2012 till his retirement on july 18, 2013. during his tenure, justice kabir delivered several important judgments, particularly

Morning News Digest, 20 February

20th Feb 2017

Ladakhi hockey players to represent country in ice hockey the women’s national ice hockey team from ladakh will take part in the 10th edition of international ice hockey federation challenge cup to be held at taipei, taiwan. a total of 28 players from various village ice hockey clubs have been selected last month

Evening News Digest, 19 February

19th Feb 2017

Russia recognises passports for separatists in ukraine russiaannounced a decree recognising passports issued by rebel authorities in separatist regions of ukraine, triggering a protest from kiev which called it a "provocation". the decree, signed by president vladimir putin, was described by moscow as "temporary" until