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Career as an LIC ADO offers a lot of exposure in the areas of sales, marketing and insurance. Apart from job security and a good salary package, you get a good job profile for future prospects.

Start your career in the Insurance Sector as an Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO). There are 2 different sets of profiles you can go for

  1. LIC AAO (Generalist)
  2. LIC AAO (Chartered Accountant)

The job profile on an LIC AAO consists of a good salary package coupled with a balanced work schedule and working hours. But you need get recruited first in order to enjoy and perks and benefits offered to an Assistant Administrative Officer by Life Insurance Corporation of India. 

The professional life of Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) is different when compared to an Apprentice Development Officer (ADO). It involves more work in the administrative department.   

LIC AAO: How to get recruited

Similar to ADO, for the post of LIC AAO, there is a written test conducted for the evaluation of candidate’s aptitude and thinking ability. You need to qualify in the written test in order to proceed to the interview round.

The CBT is conducted to test your ability in the following areas

  • Reasoning Ability
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • General Awareness
  • Computer Knowledge
  • English Language

Note: The English is section is qualifying in nature. Score achieved in this section will not be considered while calculating the final marks in LIC AAO Exam.

After you crack the written examination, you have to go through an interview and a medical test in order to be recruited as an LIC Assistant Administrative Officer.

LIC AAO Job Profile 

As the title suggests, the job profile involves a lot of administrative work. It is basically a desk job and involves less travelling and moving around. Here is a detailed account of the various job duties an LIC AAO need to perform.

  • Filling claims and settlements.
  • Client Management and providing customer support to specific clients.
  • Inspecting existing policies for errors or misleading fact.
  • Devising new schemes for the company to either replace an existing one or strengthen it.
  • Coordinate with other departments in issues related claims, settlements, policy revision, guidance etc.

It might be a dream job for all those who wish for a simple and smooth life with minimal work on foot.


LIC AAO Career and Job Promotion

Each and every government organisation has a fixed procedure for promoting an employee at various levels. You performance and years which you put in the company are essential to this. 

You initially start with a Payscale of around Rs 17,000 and also enjoy a lot of perks and benefits.

 The career graph of an LIC AAO goes like this:

  • AAO
  • AO
  • Assistant Divisional Manager
  • Divisional manager
  • Senior divisional manager
  • Regional manager

It usually takes a minimum 5 years to be promoted to the level of an Administrative Officer (AO) but it can be extended by a few years as per LIC norms.

A very important thing that should be noted in this is once you that the promotion scales of an LIC AAO and LIC ADO converge after you reach the level of Assistant Divisional Manager.

Hence, after this scale, you get a new level of competition.

On the Other hand,

One of the best career opportunities offered in the Insurance Sector of India is that of an LIC ADO. Here, ADO stands for Apprentice Development Officer.

LIC ADO: How to get recruited

Similar to most recruitment processes, there is an LIC ADO Recruitment Exam held in the month of July. It is an Online Computer-Based Test (CBT) with MCQs based on the following topics.

  • Reasoning Ability
  • Numerical Ability
  • General Knowledge
  • English Language
  • Insurance and Financial Awareness

You need to clear both sectional and overall cutoff in order to move to the interview round. After you clear the interview, you get recruited as an Apprentice Development Officer by the Life Insurance Corporation of India.

LIC ADO Job Profile 

LIC ADO Job Profile is quite versatile and challenging. You are not limited to a particular stream of work. ADO Job Description consists of a blended profile containing strands of marketing, sales and supervision. Here are a few essential tasks and duties that an LIC ADO has to perform

  • Understand existing LIC policies and market opportunities
  • Recruiting agents with a good sense of marketing and selling
  • Assigning regions and areas for promoting LIC policies
  • Providing the necessary training to agents
  • Evaluating the performance of individuals under your wing.
  • Identifying loopholes and areas of improvement, if any

The life of an LIC ADO is interesting as more and more challenges keep on arising on a daily basis. You really need to be in love with the job in order to commit and deliver. There are a lot of perks and benefits if you are able to succeed in your assigned tasks. A good performance will go long away in your career as an LIC Apprentice Development Officer. And let us not forget the immense job security you get once you are onboard the LIC boat.


LIC ADO Career and Job Promotion

You need to serve a prescribed amount of time in order to be considered for a promotion. Your performance will take you long way but you need to work hard on delivering results.

The career graph of an LIC ADO goes like this:

  • Apprentice Development Officer
  • Development Officer
  • Assistant Branch Manager (ABM)
  • Branch Manager (BM)
  • Senior Branch Manager (SBM)
  • Marketing Manager (MM)
  • Divisional Manager
  • Senior Divisional Manager

It can take anywhere between 1 to 3 years for LIC ADO to be promoted to the level of Development Officer (DO). Expect a 5 year journey to become an Assistant Branch Manager (ABM).

If you put in great effort, you reach upto the level of a Branch Manager in 15 years.

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