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NIA, acronym for the India’s one of the leading insurance firm namely New India Assurance is one of the most sought after firm in terms of working environment and the job profile it offers. The openings are for the two posts every year namely, Administrative Officer and as an Assistant. This article comprises of all the details regarding the examination procedure, requirements, eligibility criteria, and important dates regarding Administrative Officer post at New India Assurance. As very clear from the name, the managerial post will include a lot of work related to direct management inside the firm as well as assisting those who are at the posts higher than the candidate’s.

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Post wise Description

New India Assurance recruitment for the year 2016 is primarily for Administrative Officer (Scale-l) with 17 vacancies i.e. choosing the best of all the candidates that might be applying for the same. As far as the competition is concerned, thousands of candidates apply every year for the AO post at NIA, out of which only 17 get selected, so this may ring some bells that how tough competition it might be in terms to convert your chances to a full job. Whereas, all the process is conducted online, an examination namely, Combined Competitive Pre-Exam CCE is conducted followed by an interview of the short-listed candidates. 

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