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Cosmic Cannibalism

Context: The Hubble space telescope has, for the first time, viewed cosmic cannibalism in deep space where a star is eating its own planets. 

Key Points: 

Astronomers have recently observed for the first time a phenomenon called "cosmic cannibalism," a dead star is ripping apart its planetary system. A star is ending its life so violently and quickly that the dead star left behind, a white dwarf. 
A white dwarf is formed when a low-mass star like our sun exhausts most of its nuclear fuel. It is usually very dense, dim and about the size of a planet. It is the last observable stage of evolution for low- and medium-mass stars.
Compared to our sun, a white dwarf has a similar carbon and oxygen mass though it is much smaller in size — similar to Earth. 
White dwarf temperatures can exceed 100,000 Kelvin. Despite having too high a temperature, white dwarfs have a low luminosity as they're so small in size.

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