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Asani is the name given to a new cyclone forming in the Bay of Bengal. The cyclone appears to be bringing thunderstorms to India's eastern coast, including West Bengal, Odisha, and other states.

Key Points

  • The cyclone is expected to move northward, according to forecasters.
  • Sri Lanka has given the cyclone "Ashani," which translates to "Wrath" in Sinhala.

What were the causes of cyclone formation in the Bay of Bengal?

  • Because sea surface humidity and temperature are related to the development of cyclones, the Bay of Bengal serves as a good location for cyclone formation because this region receives more rainfall and slow breezes that keep the temperature reasonably warm all year. 
  • Warm air currents aid in the development of cyclones by raising the temperature of the surface.

Naming of Cyclones

  • The World Meteorological Organization's (WMO) international council maintains cyclone names and lists. They also keep this list of names up to date. 
  • Only female names were added to the original list. Male names were added to the list of cyclone names in 1979. 
  • Alternately, the naming lists are used. 
  • Six different lists are used to name the cyclones in a rotating fashion.

How do cyclones form?

  • Cyclogenesis is crucial in the formation of cyclones. 
  • Wet and warm air at the ocean's surface rises higher. This results in a low-pressure zone near the surface. 
  • As a result, cold air from the surrounding areas flows into the area of low pressure, causing the cold air to warm and become wet, causing it to rise. 
  • The cycle continues, resulting in cloud formation. 
  • This wind and cloud system expands and rotates, eventually forming a cyclone.

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