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F-INSAS System

Context: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh handed over the F-INSAS system to the Army on August 16, 2022.

What is the F-INSAS modelled on?

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) had conceptualised the F-INSAS in line with the targets of the Indian Army’s Infantry Soldier Modernisation Programme. Similar infantry modernisation programmes from other countries like US, France, Germany and Israel were studied for the Indian project. The aim is to optimise the soldier’s performance across the full spectrum and duration of a military operation. 

What is the F-INSAS system?

  • Future Infantry Soldier As A System ( F-INSAS) is a programme for infantry modernisation. It aimed at increasing the operational capability of the soldier. The soldiers are being equipped with modern systems that are lightweight, all-weather-all-terrain, cost-effective and low maintenance as part of the project. 
  • The full gear of the F-INSAS system includes an AK-203 assault rifle with a range of 300 metres and is being made at Korwa near Amethi in a Russia-India joint venture. The F-INSAS also includes a multi-mode hand grenade that can be used in defensive and offensive modes. 
  • The F-INSAS also provides Indian soldiers with ballistic goggles and helmets for protection against small projectiles and fragments, along with a bullet-proof vest. 
  • The bullet-proof jacket and helmet can protect soldiers against 9 mm bullets and ammunition fired from AK-47 rifles. 
  • The helmet also has a mounted night-vision device for operating in low-light conditions and thermal imager sight. 
  • The F-INSAS comes with hands-free, secured advanced communications set for real-time exchange of information. 

Significance of F-INSAS for Atmanirbhar Bharat: 

All these items have been indigenously designed by the Indian entities, including the DRDO and the ordnance factories ecosystem. 

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