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India was evaluated as a 'partly free' country for the second year in a row in democracy and free society. Freedom House, a US-based NGO that analyses political rights and civil liberties, released a report titled "Freedom in the World 2022 – The Global Expansion of Authoritarian Rule." In 2022, India received 66 out of 100 ratings; however, in 2021, the country received 67. With a score of 71, India remained a free country until 2020.

Key Points

  • 85 countries were classified as free in 2022, 56 as mostly free, and 69 as not free.
  • During the calendar year 2021, the Freedom in the World 2022 report assessed the situation of Freedom in 195 nations and 15 territories.

What is Internet Freedom?

  • India received a score of 49, the same as Uganda. The score has also dropped in this area. 
  • The reasons for this include increased government internet shutdowns, limited internet penetration, and bad infrastructure.
  • India rates similarly to Bolivia, Hungary, and Albania in terms of Freedom. South Sudan, Syria, Tibet, Turkmenistan, Eritrea, and North Korea have the lowest scores.
  • There are now 69 countries in the globe that are not free. This worsened the situation compared to 1973 when just 63 countries lacked Freedom.
  • Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Thailand, and Qatar are among the worst scorers. This is up from the previous year when only 54 countries were not free.
  • At the same time, the number of free countries has risen from 82 to 85 since 2021.
  • Finland, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, Canada, Uruguay, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, and Denmark have all received a perfect score in this category.

Report information:

  • The report evaluates whether a country or territory is Free, Partly Free, or Not Free; the information used 25 factors categorised into political rights and civil liberties.
  • Since 1973, the report has been issued every year to examine a country's political rights and civil freedoms through several surveys and studies.

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