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India ranks 94 among 107 countries in the Global Hunger Index 2020.


  • With a score of 27.2, India has a level of hunger that is “serious”. India’s rank was 102 out of 117 countries last year.
  • In the index, India is behind Nepal (73), Pakistan (88), Bangladesh (75), Indonesia (70) among others.
  • Out of the total 107 countries, only 13 countries fare worse than India including countries like Rwanda (97), Nigeria (98), Afghanistan (99), Liberia (102), Mozambique (103), Chad (107) among others.
  • According to the report, 14 per cent of India’s population is undernourished. It also says that the country recorded a child stunting rate of 37.4 per cent.
  • Stunted children are those who have a “low height for their age, reflecting chronic undernutrition”.

About Global Hunger Index

The GHI, published by International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) tries to capture the hunger level across countries. The index is constructed using four component indicators:

  • Percentage of undernourished in the population (or simply undernourishment)
  • Percentage of wasting in children under five years old (or simply child wasting)
  • Percentage of stunting in children under five years (or simply child stunting)
  • Under­five mortality rates(or simply child mortality)

The index has been calculated since 2006 and the oldest back calculations on the index go back to 1992. The overall methodology is similar to the development of other composite indices like the Human Development Index.

The overall scale of the index is from zero to 100 where 100 represents ‘absolute hunger’ and zero represents ‘zero hunger’. Countries and regions are also classified in terms of the level of hunger. Those falling in the <= 9.9 categories are classified as having a ‘low’ level of hunger, those in the 10.0­19.9 category are ‘moderate’, those in the 20­ 34.9 brackets are ‘serious’, those between 35 and 49.9 are classified as ‘alarming’, and those <50 are ‘extremely alarming’.

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