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India Skills Report

India Skills Report

About 46.21% of students were found employable or ready to take up jobs in the year 2019, compared with 33% in 2014, and 47.38% in 2018, according to the India Skills Report 2019-20.

Key Points:

  • Female employability has seen an upward trend at 47% this year from 38% in 2017 and 46% in 2018.
  • The most employable candidates as per the courses were MBA Students at 54% as against 40% in the last two years. 
  • B Pharm, Polytechnic, B Com and BA courses, on the other hand, saw an improvement in employability which is increased by more than 15%.
  • But a decline in employability was seen in BTech, Engineering, MCA graduates, Technical & Computer-related courses.
  • Among the States, Maharashtra followed by Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh were ranked among the top three in terms of employability. 
  • While Mumbai followed by Hyderabad were ranked as the top two employable cities. 
  • Bengaluru, Pune, New Delhi, Lucknow, and Chennai have maintained their presence in the top 10 over the last six years.
  • States that saw a decline in the ranking were West Bengal and Haryana.
  • Employment is important in all the possible factors and also it aims about Modi’s vision of India becoming a $5 trillion economy. In order to achieve this, it requires increasing the per-capita income of Indians. This can be done only when people get employment, which consequently demands skills and useful talent.
  • To achieve that, along with the universities and colleges in India, various emerging start-ups are already using innovative technologies to facilitate skill up-gradation, job creation, internships and workforce management on their platforms.

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