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Iranian New Year Started

Iranian New Year Started

Nowruz, also spelled as Navroz, is the Iranian New Year celebrated by ethnic Iranian people.

Several ethno-linguistic communities around the world irrespective of their religious background observe it as the start of the New Year.

In India, the Parsi community, who follow Zoroastrianism, celebrate Navroz with full fervour.


Navroz is the beginning of the New Year for several communities.

It dates back as far as the 6th Century BC, back when the Iranian community were homogeneously Zoroastrians.

Once the community divided over the course of history, people of Iranian origin worldwide continued following Zoroastrian traditions and with that the Iranian New Year as well.

Navroz is also the day of the Spring equinox and the rituals are performed based on the movements of the sun during the course of the day.

Parsi Community in India

In India, the Parsi community celebrate the Iranian New Year in a similar fashion as is around the world.

A visit to the Fire Temple, the place of worship of the Parsi community, is a ritual followed on Navroz every morning.

In India, prominent numbers of the Parsi community still remain in Mumbai and Gujarat, who celebrate Navroz with ardour.

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