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List of Important NCERT Chapters of Physics for NDA Examination !!

List of Important NCERT Chapters of Physics for NDA Examination !!

Greetings Aspirants, 

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is going to conduct NDA (1) 2016 Examination on 17th April 2016. There are a lot of candidates who are preparing for NDA Examination along with their CBSE Class Xllth Examinations. Clearly, to balance these two, one have to prepare smartly because compromising with any one of the two is not a healthy choice. 

So, How to prepare smartly?

UPSC NDA Syllabus is huge, there is no second thought about that. But if somehow you knew what books or more specifically what chapters you need to study. Then certainly it would reduce the time it takes to be prepared for NDA Examination. 

Also, you have a plethora of reference books to choose from be it Arihants "Pathfinder" or other fancy books from various publishers. But, we are also well aware of the fact that NCERT Books are the best when we talk about exam preparation. CBSE NCERT books explain most of the theories/concepts in a concise yet fulfilling manner. 

That being said, Physics is an Important part of NDA Examination. Approximately 25% questions (30 Questions) are from this section under the ambit of General Ability Test. Clearly, you cannot ignore this topic whether you are a science major, or commerce. Here is a list of NCERT Chapters you need to study while you prepare physics for NDA Examination. 


1. Class 11th, Physics, Chapter 1st. What is Physics? 

2. Class 7th, Science, Chapter 4th. Heat

3. Class 7th, Science, Chapter 13th. Motion and Time 

4. Class 7th, Science, Chapter 17th. Electric Current and its effects

5. Class 7th, Science, Chapter 15th. Light

6. Class 8th, Science, Chapter 11th. Force and Pressure

7. Class 8th, Science, Chapter 12th. Friction

8. Class 8th, Science, Chapter 13th. Sound

9. Class 8th, Science, Chapter 14th. Chemical Effects of Current

10. Class 8th, Science, Chapter 16th. Light

11. Class 9th, Science, Chapter 8th. Motion

12. Class 9th, Science, Chapter 9th. Force and Laws of Motion

13. Class 9th, Science, Chapter 10th. Gravitation

14. Class 9th, Science, Chapter 11th. Work and Energy

15. Class 9th, Science, Chapter 12th. Sound

16. Class 10th, Science, Chapter 10th. Light

17. Class 10th, Science, Chapter 12th. Electricity

18. Class 10th, Science, Chapter 13th. Magnet


Hope this was helpful :). 

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