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One Health Project

Context: Karnataka will be one of two States where the ‘One Health’ programme will be piloted, the other State being Uttarakhand.  


The ‘One Health’ programme pilot will be used to develop a national One Health Framework, a key objective of the One Health Support Unit (OHSU) initiated by the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying (DAHD), Government of India. 

The ‘One Health’ programme framework aims to improve national and State-level resource allocation and policy ecosystem on early prediction, detection, and diagnosis of zoonotic diseases through increased quality, availability, and utility of data evidence.

The two states (Uttarakhand and Karnataka) were chosen based on an exercise of identifying operational parameters. 

The pilot in Uttarakhand was launched in April 2022. Based on the recommendations of the PSC, six interventions have been planned for the pilot in Uttarakhand and Karnataka, including institutionalising the mechanism for the data collection on disease outbreak, prevalence, management, and development of targeted surveillance. 

It also entails integrating the network of laboratories with a focus on strengthening communication and lab testing capacities around zoonotic diseases, developing a communication strategy across sectors with an emphasis on livestock and animal health-related issues, and integrating the data with the digital architecture of the National Digital Livestock Mission to enable the analytics needed for the development of One Health Programme.

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