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One Liners of the Day, 24 July 2021

Important day

  • National Broadcasting Day - 23 July 2021.


  • Recipient of the Alexander Dalrymple award from the British High Commissioner - Vice Admiral Vinay Badhwar (Chief Hydrographer to the Govt. of India).
  • Codenamed “Blue Guardian”, an international exercise in the operation of military drones was held in – Israel.


  • Chair of the Biofuture Platform Initiative, an initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial (the “Biofuture Platform”) for a two-year term from June 2021, taking over the chair position from Brazil - the United States (U.S.).
  • India has scored _____ in the latest Global Survey on Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation of United Nation’s Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific (UNESCAP) - 90.32 percent.
  • On 23 July 2021, _____ (European nation) has ratified the framework agreement for the International Solar Alliance (ISA) - Sweden.
  • _____ has been named World Capital of Architecture for 2023 by UNESCO and will host the International Union of Architect, UIA’s, 28th World Congress, under the theme ‘Sustainable Futures – Leave no one Behind’ – Copenhagen (Danish capital).


  • _____ has teamed up with Flag Foundation of India to develop a state-of-the-art advanced fabric for the national flag of India – Swatric (IIT-Delhi startup).


  • First official Paralympic video game - ‘The Pegasus Dream Tour’ (Developed by JP Games, Japan).

State Current Affairs

  • New chairman of the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) - Adarsh Pal Vig.

Science & Technology

  • China’s new aeronautic system - Chinese Aeronautic Remote Sensing System (CARSS).
  • _____ has developed highly efficient super-hydrophobic and super-oleophilic cotton that can remove floating oil from water surface and sediment oil (underwater) simultaneously - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC, Mumbai).

General Knowledge

  • Constitutional provision that deals with “Proclamation of Emergency” - Article 352.
  • Constitutional provision that deals with “Effect of Proclamation of Emergency” - Article 353.
  • Constitutional provision that deals with “Duty of the Union to protect States against external aggression and internal disturbance” - Article 355.
  • Constitutional provision that deals with “Provisions in case of failure of constitutional machinery in States” - Article 356.
  • Constitutional provision that deals with “Exercise of legislative powers under Proclamation issued under article 356” - Article 357.

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