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According to the New York-based sanctions watch list site Castellum.AI, Russia has become the most sanctioned country globally due to its invasion of Ukraine.

Key points

  • Since February 22, 2022, Russia has been subjected to 2,778 new sanctions, led by the United States and European nations, bringing the total penalties to 5,530. 
  • Before February 22, the country had already imposed 2,754 sanctions.
  • According to the BBC, which cites Castellum.AI, Russia's total now outnumbers Iran's 3,616 sanctions, removing Tehran from first place.
  • Switzerland (568), the European Union (518), Canada (454), Australia (413), the United States (243), the United Kingdom (35) and Japan are among the nations and areas sanctioning Russia, according to the site (35).
  • Sanctions are being imposed on Russia by countries worldwide to stop the invasion of Ukraine.

Reason for Sanction: 

  • The sanctions are coming from the United States and its Western partners. They have shown remarkable unanimity in the face of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
  • Switzerland, which has a long history of neutrality, leads other countries in the number of sanctions it has lobbied against Russia, with 568. 
  • France, Canada, Australia, the United States, Switzerland, and the European Union make up the great majority of countries penalising Russia.
  • Putin compared the measures to a declaration of war over the weekend.

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