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The Arabian Sea has seen the highest-ever cyclonic disturbances in 2019

The Arabian Sea has seen the highest-ever cyclonic disturbances in 2019

The year 2019 has witnessed the highest number of cyclonic disturbances , i.e., seven over the Arabian Sea, in the last 127 years.  Of the 7 cyclonic disturbances over the Arabian Sea this year, 4 were recorded post-monsoon. 

Key Points:

  • In the year 1998, there were six cyclonic disturbances, as per the IMD records. The yearly average for the area is 1.7 cyclonic disturbances (depressions/deep depressions).
  • Compared to the Arabian Sea, the activity over the Bay of Bengal has been subdued, with three cyclones recorded so far against the average four every year. The cyclonic action brought post-monsoon rain, hitting agriculture in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Goa and Karnataka.
  • According to IMD, this is the maximum frequency of cyclonic disturbances observed over the Arabian sea so far in the post-monsoon period. 
  • The recorded last such activity was in the year 1982 and 2011 when four cyclonic disturbances were observed in the post-monsoon season.


  • The south Arabian Sea was warmer than usual this year. Rising temperatures that are associated with global warming have a role to play in it, but it is majorly because of a phenomenon called the Indian Ocean Dipole, which indicates changes in the sea-surface temperatures between the tropical western and eastern Indian Ocean. 
  • Cyclones draw their energy from the ocean and such warming fuels more cyclones.

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