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The Airport Authority of India (AAI) established the "AVSAR" project to support and develop women, artists, and craftspeople. AVSAR stands for 'Airport as a Venue for Skilled Artisans of the Region.'' AAI's "AVSAR" (Airport as Venue for Skilled Artisans of the Region) initiative has provided a chance to assist the poor in mobilising their homes into operationally competent self-earned groups for self-reliance and self-dependence.

Key Points

  • Each AAI-operated airport has been allotted 100-200 square feet. The room is being allocated to self-help groups on a turn-by-turn basis for 15 days.
  • SHGs run by local women are showcasing and marketing their homemade local products such as Puffed Rice, Packaged Papad, Pickles, Bamboo based Ladies Bag/Bottle/Lamp Sets, local artefacts, traditional craft, natural dyes, embroidery, and indigenous weaves with contemporary designs to air travellers at Chennai, Agartala, Dehradun, Kushinagar, Udaipur, and Amritsar Airports.
  • The plan to enhance SHGs by allocating space at AAI Airports will offer these small organisations significant visibility and prepare them to promote/market their products to a bigger audience, reaching out to a larger demographic.

The Self-Help Groups:

  • Self-help Groups are India's most effective means of empowering small and rural communities to move beyond subsistence and toward sustainability. 
  • The government is continually fostering an environment conducive to the growth of SHGs. 
  • Many of these organisations are great manufacturers and makers of local arts, crafts, useful and high-quality products in high demand by customers, and they require the opportunity and space to present their wares.

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