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21 - October   Azad Hind Day

  • Subhash Chandra Bose on October 21, 1943, the formation of the Provisional Government of Azad Hind (Free  India), he held on to his post as Supreme Commander of the  Indian National Army, and also named himself head of state,  prime minister, and minister for war and foreign affairs.
  • He anticipated retaining the position of head of state in a free  India.
  • It was a culmination of the political movement originating in the early 1940s outside India with the purpose to liberate her from the British rule.
  • The government of Azad Hind soon had its own currency, court, civil code and national anthem ‘Subh Sukh Chain’.
  • The INA had its motto, ‘Ittehad, Itmad aur Qurbani’ (unity, faith and sacrifice) and its national greeting ‘Jai Hind’. Its existence gave greater legitimacy to the independence struggle.
  • It was recognised by nine Axis-aligned countries: Japan, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Burma, Thailand, Philippines, Manchukuo (Manchuria), and the Republic of China (Wang Jingwei regime).
  • It received a note of congratulations from the Prime Minister of Ireland, Eamon de Valra.

21 - October   National Police Commemoration Day

  • National Police Commemoration Day is observed every year on October 21. The day remembers the sacrifices of ten policemen who died in Chinese firing in 1959.
  • On October 21, 1959, Chinese troops opened fire and threw grenades at twenty Indian soldiers in Ladakh.
  • Ten of the brave police personnel attained martyrdom and seven others sustained injuries in the incident.
  • On November 28, 1959, the Chinese troops handed over the dead bodies of the martyred policemen to India. Their cremation was held with full Police honours at the Hot springs in North Eastern Ladakh.

21 - October - 1296    Alauddin Khalji conquered the throne of Delhi. In July declared himself as the Sultan.

About Alauddin Khalji

  • Alauddin Khalji was Jalaluddin’s ambitious nephew and son-in-law. He had helped his uncle in his struggle for power and was appointed as Amir-i-Tuzuk (Master of Ceremonies) .
  • He had two victorious expeditions during the reign of Jalaluddin. After the first expedition of Bhilsa (Vidisa) in c. 1292 CE , he was given the iqta of Awadh, in addition to that of Kara.
  • He was also appointed Arizi-i-Mumalik ( Minister of War ). In c.1294 CE , he led the first Turkish.
  • He patronised poets like Amir Khusrau and Mir Hasan Dehlvi.
  • He also built a famous gateway known as Alai Darwaza , Hauz Khas, Mahal Hazaar Satoon, Jamait Khana Mosque, Alai Minar, and constructed a new capital at Siri.
  • Alauddin adopted the title of Sikander-i-Azam and gave Amir Khusrau the title of Tuti-i-Hind (Parrot of India).
  • He included non-Turks in his service.
  • He was the first ruler to fix land revenue in cash.
  • He refused the suzerainty of the Caliph and did not allow any power independent of the state to guide his policy.

21 - October - 1577    Guru Ramdas, Sikh Guru, established Amritsar city.

  • He Composed the four Lawans ( stanzas ) of the Anand Karaj, a distinct marriage code for Sikhs separate from the orthodox and traditional Hindu Vedic system.
  • He had very cordial relations with Akbar.
  • Akbar granted him a plot of land where the Harmandir Sahib was later constructed. Interestingly, the first brick of Harmandir Sahib was laid down by Hazi Mian Mir (a Muslim).
  • Guru Ramdas also laid the foundation stone of Chak Ramdas or Ramdas Pur now called Amritsar.
  • He strongly decried superstitions, caste system, and pilgrimages.

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