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Vocab Express- 271

Vocab Express- 271

Dear Aspirants,

To enhance your vocabulary here are 5 new words. Use these words to improve Written and Spoken English skills. In case you have missed out on our previous Vocab Express, we would strongly advise you to read it.

Read the Vocab Express-270 here

(i) Propitious (Adj.): presenting favorable circumstances

Pronunciation:  प्रपिशस

Hindi Translations: अनुकूल, अनुग्राही, कृपालु, दयालु, मंगल

Synonyms:  Auspicious, Favourable, Opportune, Advantageous, Lucky, Promising

Antonyms: Inauspicious, Inauspicious, Unfriendly, Unfortunate, Unlucky

Usage: This is the propitious time to start a new business.

Meaning: यह एक नया व्यापार शुरू करने के लिए उपयुक्त समय है।

(ii) Betoken (V.): be a signal for or a symptom of

Pronunciation:  बिटोकन

Hindi Translations: जताना, सूचित करना, सहारा लेना, का संकेत देना

Synonyms:  Augur, Portend, Foreshadow, Presage, Bode, Indicate

Antonyms: Color, Naughty, Whimsical, Delinquent, Deny

Usage: Those black clouds betoken a rain.

Meaning: वह काले बादल बारिश की सूचना देते है।

(iii) Pedantic (Adj.): marked by a narrow focus on or display of learning

Pronunciation:  पडैन्टिक / पिडैन्टिक

Hindi Translations: पंडिताऊ, रूढ़िवादी, पांडित्य प्रदर्शक, पांडित्याभिमानी

Synonyms:  Academic, Bookish, Didactic, Donnish, Scholastic, Finicky

Antonyms: Careless, Imprecise, Informal, Plain, Necessary

Usage: The Lecture was very pedantic.

Meaning: व्याख्यान बहुतही पांडित्य प्रदर्शक था।

(iv) Coy (Adj.): showing marked and often playful evasiveness or reluctance.

Pronunciation:  कॉइ

Hindi Translations: मौन, लजीला, विनीत, संकोची, कम बोलने वाला

Synonyms:  Flirty, Shy, Demure, Diffident, Modest, Bashful

Antonyms: Bold, Forward, Immodest, Aggressive, Confident

Usage: The company is coy about revealing its profits.

Meaning: कंपनी अपने मुनाफे का खुलासा करने के बारे में मौन रख रही है।

(v) Rout (N.): an overwhelming defeat

Pronunciation:  राउट

Hindi Translations: घोर पराजय, भीड़, शोरगुल, सभा, भगदड़, हुड़दंगी

Synonyms:  Defeat, Overthrow, Beat, Crush, Beating

Antonyms: Victory, Surrender, Success, Triumph, Win

Usage: The enemy were put to rout.

Meaning: दुश्मन को तबाह कर दिया गया था।

Try a quick exercise on Antonyms and Synonyms to get simple problems to ensure that you have mastered these concepts.

Hope this was helpful.

All the best!!!

OT Team

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