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Vocab Express- 500

Vocab Express- 500

Dear Aspirants,

To enhance your vocabulary here are 5 new words. Use these words to improve Written and Spoken English skills. In case you have missed out on our previous Vocab Express, we would strongly advise you to read it.

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(i) Exhaustive (Adj.): examining, including, or considering all elements or aspects; fully comprehensive.

Pronunciation: इग्ज़ॉस्टिव

Hindi Translations: परिपूर्ण, पूरा, पूर्ण, विस्तृत, व्यापक, संपूर्ण, सुविस्तृत, सोखने वाला, खाली करने वाला, थकाने वाला

Synonyms:  Thorough, Complete, Full, Comprehensive, Sweeping, Total, Detailed, Extensive, Full-Scale, Entire, All-Embracing, In-Depth

Antonyms: Incomplete, Shallow, Superficial, Careless, Excluding, Unfinished, Cursory, Sketchy, Facile, Perfunctory, Rough

Usage: Let's make an exhaustive study with OnlineTyari.

Meaning: आइए ऑनलाइन तयारी के साथ संपूर्ण अध्ययन करें।

(ii) Gratification (N.): pleasure, especially when gained from the satisfaction of a desire.

Pronunciation: ग्रैटफकेशन / ग्रैटफकैशन

Hindi Translations: आनंद, आनन्द, खुशी, तुष्टि, तृप्ति, परितुष्टि, परितोषण, संतुष्टि, संतोष, सुख

Synonyms:  Pleasure, Satisfaction, Delight, Happiness, Enjoyment, Contentment, Joy, Luxury,

Amusement, Comfort, Rapture, Bliss

Antonyms: Disappointment, Displeasure, Dissatisfaction, Sorrow, Misery, Sadness, Unhappiness, Annoyance, Depression, Distress, Upset

Usage: His son's success was a great gratification to him.

Meaning: उनके बेटे की सफलता उनके लिए एक बड़ी संतुष्टि थी।

(iii) Buttery (Adj.): resembling or containing or spread with butter.

Pronunciation: बटरी

Hindi Translations: कोमलता से, ऐसा स्थान जहा पर रोटी, मखन आदि रक्खे जाते है, मक्खनी

Synonyms:  Unctuous, Oily, Greasy, Oily, Soapy, Oily, Fulsome, Sickening, Smarmy, Oleaginous, Fatty, Yellow, Smooth, Fat

Antonyms: Clean, Sincere, Nonfat, Light, Fair, Facile, Easy, Faint, Lightweight, Airy, Bright, Dizzy

Usage: The food has really buttery taste.

Meaning: भोजन में वास्तव में मक्खनी स्वाद है।

(iv) Moralistic (Adj.): narrowly and conventionally moral.

Pronunciation: मॉरलिस्टिक

Hindi Translations: नैतिकता, शिक्षा प्रद

Synonyms:  Didactic, Hypocritical, Moral, Ethical, Virtuous, Proper, Sententious, Right, Righteous, Right-Minded, Decent, Principled

Antonyms: Outrageous, Shameful, Bad To The Bone, Sinful, Immoral, Dissipated, Perverted, Unmoral

Usage: The tone of the play is very moralistic.

Meaning: नाटक का स्वर बहुत नैतिक है।

(v) Rotund (Adj.): excessively fat, (of sounds) full and rich.

Pronunciation: रोटन्ड

Hindi Translations: गोल, गोलाकार, रोटर

Synonyms:  Fat, Round, Plump, Chubby, Obese, Stout, Corpulent, Spherical, Portly, Circular, Overweight, Fleshy

Antonyms: Skinny, Slender, Lean, Bony, Thin, Gaunt, Gangly, Rangy, Gangling, Lanky, Angular, Slim

Usage: He is a pleasant rotund little man.

Meaning: वह एक रोचक गोलाकार आदमी है।

Try a quick exercise on Antonyms and Synonyms to get simple problems to ensure that you have mastered these concepts.

Hope this was helpful.

All the best!!!

OT Team

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