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Vocab Express- 631

Vocab Express- 631

Dear Aspirants,

To enhance your vocabulary here are 5 new words. Use these words to improve Written and Spoken English skills. In case you have missed out on our previous Vocab Express, we would strongly advise you to read it.

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(i) Disarray (N.): a state of disorganization or untidiness.

Pronunciation: डिसरे / डिसरै / डिसरै

Hindi Translations:  अव्यवस्था, उलट-पलट, क्रमभंग, गड़बड़, परेशानी, हंगामा, बेतरतीबी, उलट पलट

Synonyms:  Disorder, Confusion, Jumble, Clutter, Mess, Muddle, Disorderliness, Chaos, Messiness, Tangle, Turmoil, Disarrangement

Antonyms: Structure, Interpret, Order, Hierarchy, Arrangement, Organize, Orderliness, Organization, Cosmos, Regime, Triage, Harmony

Usage: The economy is strong, and the opposition is in disarray.

Meaning: अर्थव्यवस्था मजबूत है, और विपक्ष परेशानी में है।

(ii) Denial (N.): the action of declaring something to be untrue.

Pronunciation: अस्वीकार

Hindi Translations: आत्मत्याग, आत्मदमन, इंकार, इनकार, खंडन, त्याग, नकार, विराग

Synonyms:  Refusal, Disavowal, Negation, Repudiation, Refutation, Contradiction, Abnegation, Disallowance, Renouncement, Disapproval, Prohibition

Antonyms: Approval, Admission, Affirmation, Acknowledgment, Confession, Consent, Declaration, Agreement, Avowal, Claim, Corroboration, Mandate

Usage: Delay is the deadliest form of denial.

Meaning: विलंब इनकार का सबसे घातक रूप है।

(iii) Testimony (N.): a formal written or spoken statement, especially one given in a court of law.

Pronunciation: टेस्टमोनी

Hindi Translations: बयान, शपथ-पत्र, साक्ष्य, शहादत, कथन, गवाही, घोषणा, परिसाक्ष्य, प्रत्यय

Synonyms:  Evidence, Proof, Attestation, Confirmation, Affirmation, Testament, Verification, Statement, Corroboration, Avowal, Affidavit, Deposition

Antonyms: Denial, Refutation, Disproof, Rebuttal, Charge, Comment, Contestant, Contrary, Dictate, Disapproval, Discharge, Negation

Usage: He had by his own testimony taken part in the burglary.

Meaning: उसकी अपनी गवाही अनुसार उसने चोरी में भाग लिया।

(iv) Disjoin (V.): separate; take or come apart.

Pronunciation: डिस्जॉइन

Hindi Translations: पृथक करना, अलग करना, जुदा करना, अलग करना या हो जाना, संबंध तोड़ना, अंगों को अलग-अलग करना

Synonyms: Disconnect, Detach, Divide, Separate, Disunite, Part, Disengage, Break, Split, Sever, Divorce, Dissociate

Antonyms: Join, Attach, Connect, Associate, Mingle, Adjoin, Combine, Conjoin, Unite, Fasten, Meet, Close

Usage: Why you want to make me disjoin the discussion?

Meaning: आप मुझे चर्चा से विमुख क्यों करना चाहते हैं?

(v) Unbind (V.): release from bonds or restraints.

Pronunciation: अन्बाइन्ड

Hindi Translations: छुड़ाना,   छोड़ना,   मुक्त करना,   ढीला करना,   बन्धन खोलना,   स्वैच्छिक होना

Synonyms:  Loosen, Untie, Disengage, Undo, Unloose, Release, Unchain, Unfasten, Liberate, Loose, Free, Detach

Antonyms: Bind, Fasten, Tie, Adhere, Attach, Fix, Hold, Oblige, Wrap, Compel, Bound, Combine

Usage: The nitroxide binds and unbinds to the growing chain.

Meaning: नाइट्रॉक्साइड बढ़ती श्रृंखला से बंधता है और मुक्त होता है।

Try a quick exercise on Antonyms and Synonyms to get simple problems to ensure that you have mastered these concepts.

Hope this was helpful.

All the best!!!

OT Team

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