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Vocab Express- 640

Vocab Express- 640

Dear Aspirants,

To enhance your vocabulary here are 5 new words. Use these words to improve Written and Spoken English skills. In case you have missed out on our previous Vocab Express, we would strongly advise you to read it.

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(i) Heartening (V.): make more cheerful or confident.

Pronunciation: हार्टनिंग

Hindi Translations: प्रशंसा करना, खाद डालना, शाबाशी करना

Synonyms:  Cheering, Encouraging, Reassuring, Enlivening, Inspiring, Animating, Gladdening, Consoling, Pleasing, Encourage, Brightening, Hearten, Urging

Antonyms: Disheartening

Usage: This is heartening news.

Meaning: यह दिल खुश करने वाली खबर है।

(ii) Promulgate (V.): promote or make widely known (an idea or cause).

Pronunciation: प्रामल्गेट / प्रोमल्गैट

Hindi Translations: खोलना, लागू करना, प्रसिद्ध करना, प्रकाशित करना, प्रचार करना, घोषणा करना, मशहूर करना, मुनादी करना, एलान करना

Synonyms:  Announce, Publish, Proclaim, Broadcast, Advertise, Declare, Circulate, Publicize, Spread, Disseminate, Make Known, Promote, Divulge

Antonyms: Conceal, Hide

Usage: These messages we've intentionally promulgated.

Meaning: ये संदेश हमने जानबूझकर प्रचारित किए हैं।

(iii) Infirm (Adj.): lacking firmness of will or character or purpose.

Pronunciation: इन्फर्म

Hindi Translations: कमजोर, रोगी, रुग्ण, अशक्त, दुर्बल, बीमार, क्षीण, अदृढ़, अस्थिर, कच्चा

Synonyms:  Invalid, Disabled, Faulty, Illogical, Incorrect, Void, Feeble, Weak, Frail, Sickly, Decrepit, Unhealthy, Unsound

Antonyms: Strong, Robust, Able-Bodied, Healthy, Sound, Firm, Hearty, Able, Good, Vigorous, Hardy, Muscular, Salubrious

Usage: He was a poor infirm old man.

Meaning: वह एक गरीब कमजोर बूढ़ा आदमी था।

(iv) Quirk (N.): a peculiar behavioural habit.

Pronunciation: क्वर्क

Hindi Translations: विचित्र व्यवहार, धुन, मोड़, विशिष्टता, विचित्रता, अनोखी चाल, भेद, मन की मौज

Synonyms:  Quality, Peculiarity, Crotchet, Idiosyncrasy, Oddity, Characteristic, Kink, Eccentricity, Caprice, Whim, Fancy, Trait, Twist, Vagary

Antonyms: Normality, Usualness, Inability

Usage: Everyone on this team has their own quirks.

Meaning: इस टीम में हर किसी के पास अपनी अपनी विशिष्टता हैं।

(v) Squat (V.): crouch or sit with one's knees bent and one's heels close to or touching one's buttocks or the back of one's thighs.

Pronunciation: स्क्वाट

Hindi Translations: बैठना, पालथी मारकर बैठना, अवैध रूप से बस जाना, अवैध रूप से रहना, उकड़ूँ बैठना, पालथी मारना

Synonyms:  Crouch, Hunker Down, Hunch, Hunker, Cower, Roost, Inhabit, Lodge, Reside, Settle, Stoop, Dwell, Perch

Antonyms: Stretch, Straighten, Stand

Usage: I can squat right down there.

Meaning: मैं वहीं पालथी मारकर बैठ सकता हूं।

Try a quick exercise on Antonyms and Synonyms to get simple problems to ensure that you have mastered these concepts.

Hope this was helpful.

All the best!!!

OT Team

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