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Vocab Express- 685

Vocab Express- 685

Dear Aspirants,

To enhance your vocabulary here are 5 new words. Use these words to improve Written and Spoken English skills. In case you have missed out on our previous Vocab Express, we would strongly advise you to read it.

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(i) Extirpate (V.): root out and destroy completely.

Pronunciation: एक्स्टर्पेट / एक्स्टर्पैट

Hindi Translations: जड़ से नष्ट करना, जड़ से उखाड़ना, उखाड़ना, उखाड़ना, उन्मूलन करना, मिटा देना, विनाश करना, मूलोच्छेदन करना

Synonyms:  Eradicate, Destroy, Annihilate, Uproot, Exterminate, Abolish, Obliterate, Wipe Out, Eliminate, Deracinate, Extinguish, Root Out, Demolish

Antonyms: Bear, Make, Help, Beget, Create, Go, Show, Sustain, Grow, Leave Alone, Develop, Engender, Get

Usage: Some plant species were extirpated in recent years.

Meaning: कुछ पौधों की प्रजातियां हाल के वर्षों में लुप्त हो गईं।

(ii) Impolite (Adj.): not having or showing good manners; rude.

Pronunciation: इम्पलाइट

Hindi Translations: अभद्र, अविनीत, अशिष्ट, असभ्य, गंवार, बेजा, रूखा, बदतहज़ीब, अविनयी

Synonyms:  Rude, Discourteous, Uncivil, Disrespectful, Ill-Mannered, Ungracious, Unmannerly, Boorish, Impertinent, Insolent, Coarse, Ill-Bred, Indelicate

Antonyms: Polite, Affable, Civil, Decorous, Decent, Nice, Kind, Courteous, Deferential, Diplomatic, Mannerly, Well-Mannered, Amiable

Usage: It would be impolite to say anything on that topic.

Meaning: उस विषय पर कुछ भी कहना अनुचित होगा।

(iii) Murky (Adj.): dark and gloomy, especially due to thick mist.

Pronunciation: मर्की

Hindi Translations: बदली का, अँधेरी, अंधेरा, उदास, गंदा, धुंधला, फीका, संदेहास्पद, तिमिराच्छन्न

Synonyms:  Dark, Cloudy, Gloomy, Shadowy, Dim, Overcast, Foggy, Dismal, Obscure, Dusky, Hazy, Misty, Dull

Antonyms: Clear, Bright, Luminous, Lucid, Limpid, Light, Brilliant, Cloudless, Lucent, Dazzling, Sparkling, Distinct, Clean

Usage: Do not make any murky statement.

Meaning: कोई संदेहास्पद बयान न करें।

(iv) Delineate (V.): describe or portray (something) precisely.

Pronunciation: डिलिनीएट / डिलिनीऐट

Hindi Translations: खींचना, खेलना, रूपरेखा प्रस्तुत करना, निरूपण करना, वर्णन करना, अंकित करना, चित्रण करना, चित्र उतारना, चित्रित करना, बयान करना, बाहर की रेखा खींचना

Synonyms:  Describe, Outline, Define, Draw, Portray, Sketch, Trace, Depict, Represent, Specify, Design, Detail, Draft, Limn

Antonyms: Fill Out, Confuse, Fill In, Annotate, Show, Come, Decipher, Define, Demonstrate, Explain, Expound, Thicken

Usage: As the work is challenging, I need a few minutes to delineate the details.

Meaning: जैसा कि काम चुनौतीपूर्ण है, मुझे विवरणों का वर्णन करने के लिए कुछ मिनटों की आवश्यकता है।

(v) Axiomatic (Adj.): self-evident or unquestionable.

Pronunciation: ऐक्सीअमैटिक

Hindi Translations: सिद्ध, स्वयंसिद्ध, स्वसिद्ध, स्वतः सिद्ध

Synonyms:  Self-Evident, Obvious, Evident, Aphoristic, Proverbial, Manifest, Apparent, Plain, Clear, Absolute, Well-Known, Fundamental, Demonstrable

Antonyms: Questionable, Misunderstood, Uncertain, Problematic, Dubious, Debatable, Disputable, Cloak And Dagger, Doubtful, Dubitable, Equivocal, Shady

Usage: It is axiomatic that nothing is permanent.

Meaning: यह स्वतः सिद्ध है कि कुछ भी स्थायी नहीं है।

Try a quick exercise on Antonyms and Synonyms to get simple problems to ensure that you have mastered these concepts.

Hope this was helpful.

All the best!!!

OT Team

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