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Vocab Express- 752

1. Intrinsic (adjective) - belonging naturally; essential
Pronunciation- इन्ट्रिन्सिक
Hindi Translations- स्वाभाविक, वास्तविक
Synonyms- inherent, innate, inborn, inbred, congenital
Antonyms- extrinsic, acquired
Usage- Commercialism has become an intrinsic part of modern professional sports.
Meaning- व्यावसायिकता आधुनिक पेशेवर खेलों का एक आंतरिक हिस्सा बन गया है।

2. Prune (verb) - Trim (a tree, shrub, or bush) by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to encourage growth.
Pronunciation- प्रून
Hindi Translations- काटना
Synonyms- reduce, cut/trim, decrease.
Antonyms- elongate, extend, lengthen.
Usage- The trees were managed by pruning at 30 cm above ground level.
Meaning- पेड़ों का प्रबंधन जमीन के स्तर से 30 सेमी ऊपर छंटाई द्वारा किया गया था।

3. Touchstone (noun) - a criterion by which something is judged
Pronunciation- टच्स्टोन/टॅच्स्टोन
Hindi Translations- मापदंड
Synonyms- benchmark, criterion, metric, standard.
Antonyms- aberration, deviation, abnormality
Usage- An understanding of grammar is often considered a touchstone by which all language skills are compared to.
Meaning- व्याकरण की समझ को अक्सर एक मापदंड माना जाता है जिसके द्वारा सभी भाषा कौशल की तुलना की जाती है।

4. Putative (Adjective) - generally considered or reputed to be.
Pronunciation- प्यूटटिव/प्यूटॅटिव़
Hindi Translations- विख्यात
Synonyms- supposed, acknowledged, accepted, reported
Antonyms- proven, real
Usage- Mr. Brooks is a putative country singer.
Meaning- मिस्टर ब्रूक्स एक देशव्यापी गायक हैं।

5. Siege (Noun)- a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies, with the aim of compelling those inside to surrender.
Pronunciation- सीज
Hindi Translations-घेराबंदी
Synonyms- blockade, barricade, restriction
Antonyms- clearance, opening
Usage- During the siege of the village, the villagers were forced to give up their property.
Meaning- गाँव की घेराबंदी के दौरान, ग्रामीणों को अपनी संपत्ति छोड़ने के लिए मजबूर होना पड़ा।

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