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The Union Cabinet on 14 March 2013

cleared a Bill providing for severe

punishment for rape, acid attack, stalking

and voyeurism more to the point reducing

the age of consent for sex to 16 years.

Which of the following statements

mentioned below are true in context of the

I. The bill was named the Criminal Law

(Amendment) Bill, 2013
II. As per the provisions the bill

demanded reduction of the age of consent

from existing 18 to 16 years; and was

accepted by the cabinet and made a law
III. Stalking, voyeurisms have been

defined as criminal offences in the bill.

Sustained stalking will be a non-bailable

IV. As per the bill there is replacement

in more general expression sexual assault

used in the ordinance. It also provides

for the death sentence if the rape victim

dies or ends up in a vegetative state.


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