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Aptitude - Aptitude-Profit Loss

Kristen does not keep proper accounting records. She began business with 100 000 in the business bank account. She uses her BMW vehicle and building worth 300 000 and 500 000 respectively as part of her business. Customers owe her 8 000. She withdrew 40 000 for personal use and owed creditors 17 000. What is the closing capital of the business?


daily news digest:17 october 2021

Indian army team has won gold medal in exercise cambrian patrol organised at brecon, wales

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enosulfan: explained

Enosulfan: explained context: protestors at periya plantation corporation godown in kasaragod,

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national security guard (nsg) force

National security guard (nsg) force raising day: october 16 context: in 2021, the national

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nlcil talabira project started

Nlcil talabira project started supply of coal to ntpc darlipali power station context: a navratna

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