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An efficient and diesel-independent public transport. system is essential to the economic development of nation. Suppose that the government adopts a policy to that effect then there
is another favourable. result. The pollution of environment is reduced to -a greater extent. But, then it has two-pronged backlash. The sale and consequently the production of two and four wheelers reduce to the minimum which in turn render a large number of people j obless.
Cash flow to the treasury, also is adversely affected. Such a step, therefore, Js self-defeating unless the government evolves a counter-strategy to nullify the adverse effects. Which one of the following accurately projects the opinion of an imaginary speaker or author as the case may be of this passage ? 


international day of banks

International day of banks context: every year on 04 december international day of banks is

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mount semeru erupted

Mount semeru erupted context: on december 4, 2021, semeru erupted for the second time in a

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nasa’s ixpe mission to be launched

Nasa’s ixpe mission to be launched context: the imaging x-ray polarimetry explorer (ixpe)

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21st india-russia summit

21st india-russia summit context: on december 6, 2021, russian president vladimir putin visited

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