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The population of  rats in a locality increases by 20% in one year.Observing this, the pest control committee decided to use a special kind of pesticide `xyz' which effectively kills 160 rats in 3 months. Just after 2 years, what is the net increase or decrease in the population of rats if, initially the population of rats is 3200 and pesticide is used effectively?


international missing children’s

International missing children’s day is an awareness event that is observed annually

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kolkata has become the first metro

Kolkata is the first metro city to prepare a detailed register of biodiversity. kolkata municipal

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first-ever national conference

At the legislative assembly complex, president ram nath kovind is all set to start the two-day

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daily news digest:25 may 2022

World thyroid awareness day 2022world thyroid day is observed on may 25 to promote awareness

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