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Aptitude - Aptitude-Time and works

Anil does a work in 90 days, Bittu in 40 days and Chintu in 12 days. They work one after another for a day each, starting with Anil followed by Bittu and then by Chintu. If the total wages received are Rs 360 and Anil, Bittu, Chintu share them in the ratio of the work done, find their respective individual wages?


daily news digest:22 september

Telecom reforms and simplified kyc processes introducedin a major move to achieve this goal,

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havana syndrome

Havana syndrome context: a member of us central intelligence agency (cia) director william

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hilsa fish to be exported from

Hilsa fish to be exported from bangladesh to india context: on the occasion of the durga puja,

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project fulwari by ncl

Project fulwari by ncl context: northern coalfields ltd (ncl), a company under the ministry

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