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The capital of a company is made up of 50000 preferred shares with dividend of 20% and 20000 common shares, the par value of each type of share being Rs. 10. The company has a total profit of Rs. 180000 out of which Rs. 30000 were kept in reverse fund and the remaining distributed to shareholders. Find the dividend percent to the common shareholders?


daily news digest:16 may 2022

World migratory bird dayworld migratory bird day has been observed twice a year since its inauguration

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one liners of the day, 16 may 2022

nasa's insight lander detected a quake on mars. the minister for housing and urban affairs

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nasa's insight lander detected

On may 4th, nasa's insight lander detected a quake on mars, the largest ever observed on another

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bharat tap initiative

The minister for housing and urban affairs & petroleum and natural gas, hardeep s puri,

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