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Aptitude - Aptitude- Ratio

If 6:4:3 is the ratio of volumes of three boxes which are filled by mixtures of two variety rice. The mixture consists type 1 and type 2 rice in the ratio 5:3, 4:3 and 3:1 respectively. The contents of all three boxes are transferred into a new box. The ratio of type 1 and type 2 rice in the new box is?



one liners of the day, 03 december

Important day national pollution control day - 2 december. theme of international day of persons

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daily news digest:02 december 2020

Cyclonic storm ‘burevi’ over the southwest bay of bengal india meteorological department

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topic of the day

Geography- solar system what do you see in the sky? stars planets objects that are

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this day in history

2nd december 1984: the bhopal gas tragedy took place india marks national pollution control

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