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Aptitude - Aptitude- Fraction

In class X of a school there are three sections namely A, B and C. The ratio of students in section A and B is 3 : 5 and that in section B and C is 4 : 7. If the total number of students in the class is 134, then the number of students in section A is


first woman speaker of gujarat

First woman speaker of gujarat legislative assembly context: on 27th sep 2021, senior bjp mla

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fossils of oldest koala-hunting

Fossils of oldest koala-hunting eagle discovered context: scientists have unearthed the remains

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pan-india helpline for senior citizens:

Pan-india helpline for senior citizens: elder line (toll-free number 14567) context: recognizing

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country-wide training and capacity

Country-wide training and capacity building program for women in dairy farming by ncw context: recently,

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