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With respect to Indo-Japanese economic relations, consider the following statements:
A) Bilateral trade in the last fiscal accounted for nearly 14 per cent of India’s total trade
B) Between 2000-2014, Japanese companies accounted for nearly 8 per cent of total FDI inflows into India.
C) Japan plans to invest 3.5 trillion yen in India in the sectors of infrastructure, manufacturing, transport and clean energy in the next five years 

Which amongst the following statement/s is/are true?


daily news digest:20 june 2019

Us topples china as india's largest merchandise trade partnerthe us overtook china to once

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only electric vehicles by 2030:

Only electric vehicles by 2030: niti aayog in a move backing the government emobility targets

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world population projections 2019

World population projections 2019 world population prospects 2019 has been released by the

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drdo, jnu scientists develop more

Drdo, jnu scientists develop more potent anthrax vaccine drdo and jnu scientists have developed

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