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Which of the following is true about GSLV Mark III?

A. It has been designed to make ISRO fully self reliant in launching heavier communication satellites of INSAT-4 class

B. It would also enhance the capability of the country to be a competitive player in the multimillion dollar commercial launch market

C. GSLV-Mk III is designed to be a four stage vehicle

D. It envisages multi-mission launch capability  for GTO, LEO, Polar and intermediate circular orbits 


approved drugs from drugbank database

Approved drugs from drugbank database to be re-purposed by iit, bhu for covid19 treatment the

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deliberations for a new science,

Deliberations for a new science, technology, and innovation policy (stip) started an inclusive,

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daily news digest:02 june 2020

Launch of real time electricity market by indian energy exchangethe real-time electricity market

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pm addresses spic macay’s international

Pm addresses spic macay’s international convention the international convention of society

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