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 ______ one of the biggest-ever war games of the Army in the Thar desert. It is a war game and military training exercise to be held in the districts of Hanumangarh, Sri Ganganagar and Bikaner in Rajasthan. The exercise will see the deployment of more than 200 tanks and over 60,000 troops in the border State


daily news digest:25 february 2020

Donald trump india visit: talks on future trade dealthe us president donald trump visited india

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largest cave fish on earth discovered

Largest cave fish on earth discovered in meghalaya a new kind of cave fish which is similar

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m.m. wildlife sanctuary to be tiger

M.m. wildlife sanctuary to be tiger reserve soon the malai mahadeshwara wildlife sanctuary

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national integration camp inaugurated

National integration camp inaugurated in sikkim a national integration camp which is themed

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